Dear Members,

For many years the Association has provided, as a convenience to the membership, dumpsters at the maintenance area for membership use. Unfortunately, recently this privilege has been grossly abused. Continuous ABUSE and MISUSE of the dumpsters is growing; therefore, the Board of Directors has decided to close the maintenance area to all dumping except on specific times and dates. The “open hours” will be monitored by Safety. All persons wishing to use the dumpsters must provide Identification and a current membership card. The Safety Department will check membership cards to monitor use, and turn away all illegal or bulk items (sofas, recliners, mattresses, refrigerators, grills, lawnmowers, building materials, etc). 

For these items, you must phone Affordable Disposal Co. at 816-238-8933 to arrange curbside pickup.  AFTER receiving payment (either by credit card over the phone, or a mailed invoice), your bulk item will then be picked up curbside.


The maintenance area will be open daily from 3pm to 4pm.


The Board understands this will be an inconvenience to those of us that properly and appropriately use and not abuse this privilege. Too much time and considerable expense has been spent by staff “picking up” after those who have abused this convenience, as well as increased cost in trash services to the VVA.

As a BOD, we will continue to explore creative ways to address these issues and thank the membership for their understanding on this matter.





Lake Viking       Board of Directors


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