Call to Order
Board Pres. Doug Winter, lot 46, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the Clubhouse, at 2:00pm. Board members present were: Terry Nibarger, lot 657, Tom Rice, Lot 343, Tony Gronniger, Lot 2281, George Eshnaur, Lot 505, Allen Slavin, lot 181, Jeremy Lillig, Lot 3041. Jeremy Lillig led in prayer. Jeff Ferguson, Lake Manager, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Doug Winter read the mission statement of Lake Viking.

Approval of Minutes
Allan Slavin made a motion to approve the April 2023 Meeting Minutes. Second by Jeremy Lillig. The minutes were approved unanimously.


Handbook Committee
Tom Rice reported: A few discrepancies have been identified in the 2023 Handbook where the language needs to be modified concerning the change in the meeting date from the first Sunday in March to the first Sunday in October. The changes will be voted on in October.

Finance Committee
Terry Nibarger reported:
• The Finance Committee met June 26, 2023 for a special Finance meeting. At this meeting the committee unanimously approved a dock/jetty project at Beach One contingent upon a “scope of project” agreement being signed by Jared Hill. Jeff will compose the agreement similar to the one to be written for the Rock Weir dredge work. At the July 6 regular meeting, the committee agreed the Rock Weir project at the south end is to be completed first for continuity with the existing dredge work. Jeff composed a “Scope of Project” agreement which was signed by Jared Hill and is on file at the VVA office along with a certificate of insurance coverage. The Rock Weir Project will consist of installing an 82’ long x 20’ wide rock weir across Big South Creek behind the Yacht club where dredging has recently been completed. This is being done to slow down silt washing into the lake. The cost of the project is estimated at $30,626. This is a huge savings as much of the material and use of machines is being donated by Jared Hill. The projected date for setting and building the Weir is the middle of July 2023.
• Also at the regular committee meeting on July 6, 2023:
June 2023 financials were reviewed. Paula reported the June 2023 Financial reports show better numbers than the previous months. Clarification of three amounts in the financials was supplied by Jeff Ferguson.
• Terry reported VVA has moved $500,000 (maximum allowed) from our uninsured money market account to another Morgan Stanley money market account. Rate of return is slightly less at 4.75% on the $500,687 in the new account. Total value of Morgan Stanley accounts went from $1,480,434 on May 31, 2023 to $1,509,800 on June 30, 2023. Our YTD gain is $76,918. This return is reflective of a modest level of risk we have taken on our portfolio.
• Paula Hepinstall presented information on audits the committee could have done by an outside firm. Consensus of the committee is to follow Paula’s recommendation of a full audit. RFPs will be sent out for bids for this audit. Target date for the audit will be September 2024. It was suggested that a policy be implemented defining the frequency of audits to be done in the future.
• Three VVA owned lots have been sold in June for $15,000. Total for sales this year is at $37,362. Prep work on Lot 717 has been completed and the bidding period for members only is now in process. If the lot is not sold to a VVA member it will be placed with a realtor for sale to the public.
• Terry reminded the attendees that the annual meeting date has been changed and will be in October 2023. Handbook modifications will be presented and voted on at the meeting in October 2023.
• Paula reported $20,000 remains in the dredge accrual account and more work this year by Dredge America will absorb this amount.
• Paula reported on the 2024 budget analysis stating that spending and expenses will be up significantly and asked for suggestions from the committee. Troy Lesan stated that for the last several years road expenses have exceeded funds taken in from road assessments. These have been covered by transferring funds from other budget line surpluses. In the future these surpluses may not be available and a more realistic road repair assessment should be considered for the 2024 budget. Lake Manager Jeff Ferguson stated he is looking into a road repair strategy that would be more than the standard chip and seal. Jeremy Lillig stated the need for this increase should be adequately explained to the membership. Meetings will start next week on the 2024 budget.
• Jeff Ferguson, Lake Manager, explained the need for continued planning on projected lagoon levels and stated that plans for surface application and a drip system proposal were on the table. DNR contact will entertain a revised submission from VVA for flow calculations.
• Terry reported VVA is still waiting on documents on design for the Clubhouse septic update.
• Terry reported Lake Lot S131 price has been reduced. Money from this sale was to be used on beach renovations.

Strategic Planning Committee
George Eshnaur Lot 505 reported:
• Committee will meet again July 19, 2023 and will review the status of projects.
• During the June meeting the pros and cons of the Harbor/Jetty for the Beach 1 area were discussed. Doug Winter indicated a release about the Jetty/Harbor project will be forthcoming soon with additional information.
• Committee discussed the needed upgrade for the Clubhouse septic system.

Activities Committee
Jeremy Lillig reported:
• The Annual Poker Run was held June 10, 2023 with 350 participating.
• Planned for August 2023 is a Patio party and a Scavenger Hunt.
• Jeremy stated the committee is working on an end of the Season Gala which will include dinner, dancing and an auction. Jeremy asked for committee members to help with this event. More information to follow.

Building Committee
Allan Slavin reported: In the past month, the committee has met two times. They reviewed 11 Building Permits. None of the permits were for houses. Allan also stated that the committee will try to get away from being asked to do emergency building permits. Permits are to be submitted two weeks prior to the Building Committee meetings which are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. This will give the committee time to review and cover each permit details.

Fire Department
Tony Gronniger reported:
• The Fire Department continues to meet monthly.
• The ISO report has been received and we were able to increase our fire rating to a 6x-6x. This is one category up from our previous rating. This change will go into effect October 1, 2023.
• Fire Department provided a water spout on July 1, 2023.

Safety Department
• During the prior month, the Safety Department issued 69 infractions & 73 warnings.
• Safety investigated porta-potty vandalism.
• To date, Safety has stickered 925 watercraft.
• Safety is working on entering members into Palgate for the maintenance gate. Hours will be 7:00am until dark.
• Safety worked an underage drinking party at Beach 2.

Campground Committee
George Eshnaur reported:
• Campground Committee met July 5, 2023.
• Campground 1 There are 0 empty spaces in the campground.
• Campground 2 There are 28 empty spaces available in Campground 2. Three spots are expected to be opened up in the near future for nightly camping.
• Committee is working on the budget for the campgrounds for next year. Budget for the Campgrounds will be submitted to the Finance Committee next week for their review.
• Campground Committee is holding a get to know your Campground committee members and fellow campers and the work that is being done at the Campground 1 Pavilion. This will be held July 22, 2023.

Lake Committee
Tony Gronniger Lot 2281 reported:
No report. Committee members will be back on the Lake next week.

Infraction Committee
• Infraction committee met July 8, 2023
• They reviewed 45 Lake Infractions and 11 Campground infractions. The fines for these were $5,580.

Dredge Committee
Doug Winter reported for Shawn Hepinstall:
• Dredge America is now working on the North Cove. Work on the South Cove has been completed and it is reported the water level is 7 feet.
• Doug reported prep work for the Weir Construction starts Monday. This will slow the silt flow into the south end of the lake. Height of the wall was surveyed at 866 feet.

Fishing Committee
Tom Rice reported the committee will meet next Friday and work on planning for the Fall Bass Fishing Tournament and the new Fall Crappie Tournament.

Tech Committee
Jeff Ferguson reported for Scott Fatheree:
• Committee met July 9, 2023.
• The current web page name used by VVA does not belong to us and it is planned to change this to
• VVA has completed discussions with Midstates. The VVA Office, Safety Office, Clubhouse and beaches will be provided free internet service.
• Midstates is finishing the fiber install in the Gallatin, MO area and will then begin the install at Lake Viking.

Managing Directors Report
Jeff Ferguson ( Managing Director):
Condo Control
• Condo continues to grow with 1200 e-mail addresses.
• Payments via Condo will be available August 2023.
• For those wanting an extra user/users the charge will be $60.00 per user to be paid with the annual dues.
• By August 1, 2023 we are looking to launch the opening of the dump hours from 7 a.m. until dark. Lake Members will be issued a PIN number they will enter for access to the dump.

Lake Information
• Storms have hit the Lake causing power outages and debris to be spread around the lake. Maintenance has cleaned up 18-19 trees which were downed during the storm.
• The pool has been impacted by the storms also. Trees in front of the pool have lost leaves which caused a cleanup issue. We are considering removing these two trees to prevent this in the future.
• Lot 717 has been filled in and seeded. We are in the bidding period for members only on this lot.

Approval Of Financial Statements
Terry Nibarger made a motion that the Financial Statements for June 2023 be approved as presented. Seconded by Tom Rice; motion passed unanimously.

Guest Time
Four guests presented information at the meeting.
• Marvin McNabb discussed the problem his wife is encountering when walking their dogs on a leash. They have been approached by other large dogs. Marvin indicated he will supply his wife with pepper spray when she is walking the dogs to prevent any problems.
Discussion from the board on the leash changes seemed to indicate we are not enforcing the rules and should be more diligent at doing this.
Marvin also discussed the allowing of motorized surf boards on the lake citing the reference on page 31 of the handbook stating that a battery-operated toy cannot be operated on the lake. Marvin indicated he fears the liability of someone on one of these boards being injured or worse because of boat traffic.
• Jerry Goehring discussed the Lake Dues and asked why do we not change this and charge more for the dues amount instead of having a special assessment amount. The Board indicated they asked our attorney if this could be changed before 2027 and were told no it could not. Doug Winter stated he feels this is a process issue.
• Felicia Roth gave a presentation of a Proposed Committee for Beautification and Retail Exploration for the Lake. She outlined her proposal and stated reasons she felt this would be successful. The Board suggested that a survey be sent out to members (as it was for the Restaurant Committee). George Eshnaur indicated he would help with this survey to determine the interest of the Lake Members.
• Corey Kramer Lot 212 came before the board to appeal an infraction he received Memorial Day Weekend. He indicated he was concerned about the Safety process of watching from the shoreline and issuing tickets. Mr. Kramer stated the ticket amount was lowered by the Infraction Committee to $80.00. The board did not choose to change the Infraction Committee recommendation.

Board Discussion
The Board discussed and a motion was made by Tom Rice to approve expenditures for both the Rock Weir and the additional Dredge America hours. Allan Slavin seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
The Board discussed the Harbor/Jetty project and a motion was made by Tom Rice to fund this project. The motion was seconded by Jeremy Lillig. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made to adjourn to Executive Session at 3:30 pm to discuss legal, personnel, and Board organizational matters. A second was received and the motion passed by all board members.

A sign-in Attendance Sheet is on record at the Office for reference. Let the record show that these minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and are a sampling of the discussions. Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in the minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members.