Call to Order
President Doug Winter, Lot 47, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the Clubhouse, at 2:00pm. Board members present were: Doug Winter, Lot 47, Tom Rice, Lot 343, Robert Walton, Lot 217, George Eshnaur, Lot 505, and Terry Nibarger, Lot 657. Terry Nibarger led in prayer. Jeff Ferguson, Lake Manager, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Doug Winter read the mission statement of Lake Viking.

Approval of Minutes
Minutes were approved from the August 2023 meeting. Motion was made by Tom Rice and was seconded by George Eshnaur. The minutes for August 2023 were approved unanimously. (These minutes were not approved in September 2023 as there was not a quorum of members at the September meeting.) The minutes for November 2023 were approved. Terry Nibarger made a motion to approve and George Eshnaur seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved for the November 2023 meeting.

Handbook Committee
Tom Rice reported there is no report this month.

Finance Committee
• Terry Nibarger reported that the committee met December 7, 2023.
• November 2023 Budget review centered around expense items which were over budget. 6051 Employee Insurance and 6050 Admin Expense. Employee Insurance has seen a substantial increase in premiums as we have added one more employee. Cost 6050 Admin Expense was higher as a second payment in 2023 to Condo Control was not budgeted until January 2024, but had to be paid in November 2023. Correspondingly income was up.
• Terry Nibarger provided the Morgan Stanley update. Investments were up in November 2023 in the amount of $49,911.41. This is an unrealized gain. The savings account earned $4,265.48 in interest. Total gain was $54,176 for November 2023 and up YTD $125,575.
• Discussion of the three (3) Budget proposals to be presented at the special board meeting on 12/9/23 included an explanation of actual money available to fund operations. The monthly total to run the Lake is $70k – $80k. We need to fund operations at this rate until dues and assessments are collected in April/May 2024. There is about $750K in retained earnings that cannot be used for operating the lake. The combination of these two items takes the balance sheet to approximately $1.2 Million.
• 2023 FY Audit – The UHY audit of 2023 is underway.
• Proposal to increase clubhouse rental fees. Currently the Upper-Level rents for $50.00/hour, the Lower-Level rents for $30.00/hour and the Patio/shelter rents for $10.00/ hour. The Finance committee recommends raising the rates for rental for the Upper Level to $100.00/hour, the Lower Level to $60.00/hour and the Patio/shelter rental to $20.00/hour. Any executed contracts will not be subject to the rate increase if it is passed.
• Jetty Project – there is a possibility this project may start before the end of the year; however, it will likely start in early 2024.
• Sale of Lake Owned Lots – No lots sold in November 2023, Year to date sales is $92,417.78.
• Sale of Lot 717 – There have been a few people looking at this lot. Realtors think this will pick up in the spring.
• Retained Earnings as discussed earlier was $750,000.
• Campground Septic – plans will be completed shortly and will be sent out for bids at that time. Campground Electrical – Phase 2 should be completed next week at a cost of $85,000. This phase includes 45 sites; 74-83, 99-119, and 154-167.
• Clubhouse Septic Update – Plans are completed and have been sent out for bids.
• Special use “SU” 13 lots have been re-platted as SU lots, allowing for certain types of storage structures to be built with approval of the BOD and Building Committee. These lots will be priced at $35,000 and will be offered to current members first. Any remaining lots will be sold to the general public after the member only period has closed.

Strategic Planning Committee
No report per George Eshnaur.

Activities Committee
The new calendar for 2024 has been sent out for review. Tom Rice made a motion to approve the 2024 Activities Calendar and the motion was seconded by Terry Nibarger. The motion was unanimously approved.

Building Committee
Report by Robert Walton. Numbers of permits approved was not available. Reported modular construction sentence is still on the Building Permit form. The language change will remain tabled and will be discussed in a future regular board meeting.

Fire Department
Tony Gronniger reported:
• The Fire Department met December 8, 2023 at 2:00 pm. Storm sirens were tested and apparatus readiness was checked.
• Progress was discussed on the Fire/Safety Building upgrades. Construction has begun on the restroom facilities and building water supply. This upgrade is on track for completion by the end of Spring 2024.
• Chief Tony Gronniger reported that a new command vehicle was donated to the Fire/Safety department by the Cameron MO Fire Department. Minor repairs are being completed and the vehicle will be added to our fleet soon. Thanks was extended to the Cameron Fire Department for their generous donation of the vehicle.

Safety Department
No report this month

Campground Committee
No report this month

Lake Committee
Robert Walton reported:
• The Lake Committee has received a report of a concern regarding bank stabilization. The committee is in agreement with the report and will issue a “correction needed letter” to the property owner. This letter will be sent out in spring 2024 as it would be unsafe to request the work now with winter approaching.

Infraction Committee
Terry Nibarger reported:
• The next scheduled meeting of the Infraction Committee will be April 27, 2024.

Dredge Committee
• Recondition silt ponds in Three Tubes and Garney are being completed in preparation for dredging in Spring of 2024.

Fishing Committee
Tom Rice reported:
• Committee has reserved the lower clubhouse and the patio for the proposed pancake breakfast. Proposed date for this fundraiser is July 6, 2024. The Fishing Committee is evaluating whether to outsource this fundraiser or do the work internally. They have talked with Chris Cakes who will cater the pancake breakfast.

Tech Committee
Jeff Ferguson reported: Scott Fatheree Lot 3162 is no longer a member of the Tech Committee as he has relocated to the West Coast. The current members of the Tech Committee are Mike Lammers, Jeff Ferguson and Kelly Mathenia. The committee will meet in the near future to regroup.

Beautification Exploratory Committee
Felicia Roth reported on progress made by the Committee. Their goal is to: 1. refresh and improve the Lake appearance, 2. Fund raising through donations to enable projects to be completed without raising member dues, 3. Improve appearance at Lake Entrances, the VVA office and Safety Office, and refresh signs for more eye appeal. The Committee was renamed the Beautification and Donations Exploratory Committee.

Managing Directors Report
Jeff Ferguson, Managing Director, reported:
• The Condo file library is being updated with prior minutes and Lake Documents. It is expected this will be completed by 1/1/2024.
• A question was raised by membership asking if the Handbook would be updated in real time in Condo as updates occurred. Jeff Ferguson indicated he will research this. At this time a list of changes to the Handbook is kept separately as updates are approved.
• Lot Owner Gerald Busch voiced a problem with in Condo with guest information.
• Work is currently being done on Beach 3 Bathroom to include painting and installing new fixtures.
• Ice Heater at Dam/Replace Electrical: Heater has been installed and electrical issues have been corrected.
• Docks have been moved in for the winter.
• Risers were added to tubes.
• Four (4) new tubes were installed. 190th, Cessna, 3 Tubes and Community Area 10
• Asphalt patching occurred on Lake Viking Terrace. More to come in 2024.
• Parking lot behind the clubhouse has been expanded.

Approval of Financial Statements
Terry Nibarger made a motion to approve the Financial Statements for November 2023. Tom Rice seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Guest Time
Two guests were on the agenda for the December 2023 board meeting.

Kelly Rich, Lot 1
• Kelly Rich, Lot 1, was not placed on the agenda but had gone through the steps and should have been on the agenda so she was added. Kelly expressed concern about the Jetty Project. She stated she did not feel the project was fully vetted with the membership. She asked to know the intended use of the jetty.
• Kelly questioned if a survey of membership had been done concerning member interest and feelings about installation of the jetty.
• Kelly questioned the budget and price of the jetty project indicating that she had heard figures from a few thousand dollars to over $100K.
• Kelly last stated that she would like to see the Jetty project halted until building requirements were met and all information confirmed.
• At this time Jeff Ferguson, Lake Managing Director answered several of Kelly’s questions and other board members gave input to explain the decision made by the board.

Vinzent Cooper Lot 1095 HOA Concerns
• Vinzent stated he has a list of 21 items to address with the HOA but with a 5-minute time limit he will only be able to address some of his concerns.
• Budget for 2024. Vinzent indicated someone suggested to him that we continue the 2023 budget for the year of 2024. He indicated that seemed very logical to him.
• Vinzent requested that the HOA place an electronic voting application on Condo so that members who are not able to attend a meeting in person would have the opportunity to vote. Vinzent suggested we apply a rational solution to solve our voting problems.
• Vinzent stated that the HOA is his target and he would like to see improvement in the operation of the HOA.

Board Discussion
• Lot 729 – Clarifying information was presented about the exemption which was requested in November 2023. The sewer system of Lot 729 can support a 1200 square foot house with two bedrooms which is requested to be built. The roof overhand which exceeds what is approved by VVA is also being requested to be exempted. Robert Walton made a motion for the two exceptions to be allowed. Motion was seconded by Terry Nibarger. A second motion was made by George Eshnaur and seconded by Robert Walton to change wording in the handbook. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Terry Nibarger and seconded by George Eshnaur to adjourn to Executive Session at 3:40 pm to discuss legal, personnel, and Board organizational matters. Motion passed unanimously.

A sign-in Attendance Sheet is on record at the Office for reference. Let the record show that these minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and are a sampling of the discussions. Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in the minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members.