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The Lake Viking News is a free monthly newspaper delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to each lake lot owner, whether living at the lake or residing elsewhere. The newspaper has been in publication since the lake’s construction in 1968 and is sustained by advertising revenue, with no direct cost to Lake Viking Association or any of its members. It serves as the primary and official communications tool serving the 1,600-acre private residential lake development.

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The Lake Viking News is published by Gallatin Publishing Company (visit, which also designs, hosts and maintains this website. The GPC printing plant is located at 609B South Main, Gallatin, MO 64640; phone 660.663.2154

If you own property at Lake Viking and are not receiving
your free copy of the Lake Viking News,
call the lake office at 660.663.2131 or email: [email protected]

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PRICING: $5 per column inch. What you pay depends on the space you use — the # of columns wide x the # of inches tall. Thus, a business card costs $20 (2 columns x 2 inches x $5). For greater readership, allow space for a photograph or graphic image in addition to your text message. A full page is 6 columns wide x 16 inches tall. After completing this form, click “Submit.” No payment is due until after the staff at Gallatin Publishing Company replies to confirm your order and complete arrangements to mail your message to every Lake Viking property owner.

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DIGITAL ARCHIVE of The Lake Viking News

(an archive of print editions available for viewing at Gallatin Publishing Co., 609B S Main, Gallatin, MO)


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