If the lake is not closed down to watercraft traffic when high water is present, watercraft could sustain damage from floating and partially submerged debris in the water. This also poses a danger to the operator of such watercraft.

The wake created by watercraft during high water can cause damage to docks and erosion of shorelines.


1. If lake level rises over normal pool the lake may be closed, at the Lake Managers discretion, until further notice. Red lights will be turned on and launch ramp will be blocked off. Office personnel, Security and Marina will be notified.

2. The Maintenance Dept. will go out and collect debris and report to the Lake Manager on how much is present in the water and how long they think it will take to remove it.

3. When the lake is officially closed there will be NO WATERCRAFT TRAFFIC allowed with the exception of the Maintenance Crews that will be collecting debris.

4. Any unauthorized watercraft on the water when the lake is closed could be subject to an infraction ticket. Willful disregard of this regulation may result in a substantial fine.

5. When the Lake Manager receives report from the Maintenance Supervisor that debris has been cleaned up and the lake level is approaching normal level or lower the Lake Manager may reopen the lake.

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