Lake Viking Amenities

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Lot owners and their guests using the pool must abide by the following rules:

  1. The Association is not responsible for accidents.
  2. The Association reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.
  3. The Association reserves the right to limit the number of guests.
  4. Lot owners must check-in their guests in person, unless guest has a Guest Pass.
  5. No lifeguard is on duty–member and their guest swim at their own risk.
  6. Children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult. (rev 12/2020)
  7. No toys, rafts or tubes are allowed that are large enough to obstruct the view of those observing swimmers.
  8. No alcoholic beverages allowed inside fenced pool area. (rev 12/2020)
  9. No running.
  10. Diving at deep end of pool only.
  11. No food or glass allowed in pool area.
  12. No pets allowed in pool area.
  13. Trash and cigarettes must be put in containers provided.
  14. No cut-off jeans allowed.
  15. No private parties are permitted without a signed rental agreement.


Lake Viking has 3 beaches for member use! All members must abide by the following rules;

  1. Beach use is restricted to Members and their guest only.
  2. Membership cards are required for beach use; guests may not bring guests without a Member present.
  3. No lifeguard is on duty–member and their guest swim at their own risk.
  4. Beaches are open 7:00 a.m. – midnight.
  5. Vehicles are prohibited from driving or parking on grass or sand beach, except Association or emergency vehicles.
  6. Children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult. (rev 12/2020)
  7. Dogs are prohibited from the beach swim area (except certified service animals); must be controlled by leash.
  8. Littering is prohibited.
  9. Life jacket rules apply to all beach areas. (rev 8/2018)
  10. No swimming at Association pier docks. (rev 12/2020)


The Clubhouse has facilities for activities on the upper and lower levels. There are kitchens on both levels. Either level may be reserved for Association activities or for private parties under the following conditions:

  1. For an Association activity, permission must be obtained and scheduled at the Association office. It is understood that the committee in charge will be responsible for cleanup of both recreational and kitchen areas.
  2. Private parties and events such as weddings, receptions, reunions, etc. may be scheduled by a property owner by special permission at the Association office. The host of a private party must pay a deposit, pay all rental fees, and sign a form assuming responsibility for cleanup and liability. User fees are charged for private parties.
  3. No political parties are allowed.
  4. Wet bathing suits are allowed in the lower level restroom areas only.
  5. All users shall leave the clubhouse in a clean manner.
  6. No pets are allowed inside the building.
  7. Clubhouse will close at 12:00 a.m. midnight, so cleanup must be completed and everyone out of the building at 12:00 a.m. midnight.



GENERAL: There are two camping areas: Campground #1 on the east side of the lake, and Campground #2 on the west side of the lake. These are for the use of VVA lot owners. All camping units must belong to a VVA lot owner. Campground License Agreement forms must be signed and on file at the Association office. Pedestals for electrical hookup are spaced throughout the areas. Water hydrants, restrooms, showers and dump stations are available.

RV owners will be required to show legal title to all motor vehicles, trailers. The removal of camper shells from vehicles is not allowed. Slide-in type campers will not be allowed. When a member has met all requirements for using the Campground, that member then holds all rights and privileges to that camping spot for that season. Once a unit is approved and in the selected spot, that spot’s area must be maintained in a presentable condition. Camping units must display the owner’s lot number in a visible manner on front (rev 12/2020) of camper.

CAMPING SEASON: The Campgrounds are open the first day of March and close the last day in October. Only Active Members who are current in the payment of all dues and all other charges, fees and assessments per ARTICLE IV, and who have satisfied all monetary obligations imposed upon such member per ARTICLE XIV, may use the Campgrounds. Seasonal camp spots are available for reservation each year with additional overnight camp spots available on a first-come, first-served basis. A member may remove his camper from a seasonal spot for any length of time for vacation and/or repair purposes with written notification given to Campground Manager, Office or Safety.

ASSIGNMENT OF CAMPING SPOTS: Members in good standing who want to obtain a camp spot, or move to a different spot (as long as the camper fits within the length guidelines of the new spot) can have their name added to the list maintained by the Association office. Priority will be given as follows:

Members wanting to move camper from current camp spot to another, providing the spot the member wants is open. When possession of the preferred spot is obtained, their previous spot is then forfeited and available to other members.

Members wanting to obtain a camp spot who currently are not in either Campground.

Member already in the Campground wanting to rent an additional spot. (2/2019)

Max two (2) total spots per VVA member. “One lot, one spot”: If don’t own a 2nd VVA lot, then the equivalent of VVA annual dues & assessments must be paid on 2nd spot. (rev 4/2021)

MOWING: Campground sites must have grass and weeds trimmed and manicured at 6 inches or below at all times. Partial mowing of sites will not be allowed. This will be monitored by the Campground Manager and/or Campground Committee. Violations will be reported to the Safety office. Upon notification, Safety will document that a violation has occurred. Member’s failure to adhere to this rule shall result in an infraction being issued. Association Maintenance, Campground Manager and/or Committee member has the right to mow, and the office will bill the member $50.00 per mowing. No exceptions will be made after you have been billed. Each mowing shall result in an infraction. Three (3) infractions in a single camping season, or four (4) infractions over any time period, shall result in expulsion from the Campground. (rev 6/2020)

FEES: See the inside back cover of Handbook for fees. Full-time campers using their camp spot for more than 21 days in a given month shall notify the Association office or Safety and the member will pay an additional $65.00 per month camp fee. (rev 2/2019)

TENTING: The camping fee for tents is $15.00 per day per tent for 2 people, plus an additional fee of $5.00 per person per day, with a maximum of 2 tents, all paid in advance. The pass must be affixed to the tent in a visible manner, and the second tent must be adjacent to the primary tent. Contact Safety at 660-322-9001 to pay your tent fees and receive your pass (rev 2/2019). Members may have 1 tent at their campsite at no charge. Members are responsible for guests when tenting or camping. Groups may be granted tenting privileges, provided prior approval has been granted by the Board of Directors. No groups will be approved on major holidays. The Association member who is sponsoring the group must be present with the group at all times. Tents are restricted to those areas specifically designated.

30/50 AMP CAMPERS: Only 50 amp campers will be allowed in 50 amp campsites, unless they are the only ones available. Amperage on any camper will be verified before it may be moved. Grandfather rule applies as of May 21, 2017.

CAMPSITE IMPROVEMENTS: All camping units, trailers, fifth-wheels and motor homes, structures or improvements shall be movable at the request of the Lake Manager for maintenance of the Campground. There shall be only 1 camping unit per campsite. No structures shall be built that are not easily removed. 1) All patios, decks and unattached improvements to camping spots must have prior approval by the Lake Manager. 2) No enclosed structures except under the 5th wheel front (built to code) will be permitted. Skirting may be added to the base of the camping unit, but does not include closing in the RV Port. No screened-in areas or attached rooms will be permitted. 3) Storage units must not exceed 72” tall, 55” wide, and 32” deep. There is a limit of 2 storage units per campsite. Units must be of weatherproof, manufactured construction.

RV PORTS: RV Ports require approval by the Lake Manager (rev 2/2021). An “RV Port” is a carport for an RV. 1) RV Port must be kept on individual’s campsite. 2) RV Ports must be white in color. 3) Not to exceed 20 ft. wide, length cannot exceed 2½ ft. overhang on each end of the camper unit. 4) All 4 sides of RV Port must be left open, no enclosure. 5) Call 800-DIG-RITE prior to installation. 6) Must be installed with mobile home anchors, by professional installer. 7) Must contact the Lake Manager prior to installation with the intended size, location and installer. 8) If Campground contract is broken due to delinquent fees or any breach of this contract, the RV Port becomes the property of Viking Valley Association. 9) Viking Valley Association is NOT responsible for any damage to or created by RV Ports. In the event an RV Port is damaged or destroyed in any way, it is the sole responsibility of the RV Port owner for any such damage.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF SPECIAL PERMIT VEHICLE in CAMPGROUND: All terrain and similar vehicles are prohibited from operating in the Campground areas, except for normal entry and exit. Refer to Traffic Rules and Regulations for operator information. (rev 4/2017) Also, driver must have a license to operate the motorized vehicle. (rev 2/2019)

PETS LOOSE in CAMPGROUND: Pets must be on leash and must have rabies tag on collar. You must clean up after your pets.

LOUD NOISE OR MUSIC in CAMPGROUND: Quiet time is from midnight to 8:00 a.m. (rev 4/2017)

FAILURE TO CONTROL CHILDREN: Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children or other children placed under their care and control.

FAILURE TO MAINTAIN CLEANLINESS OF FACILITIES: All campers shall assist in the maintenance of the areas they use or occupy, by cleaning up after use.

UNATTENDED ELECTRICAL USAGE: Air conditioning units in campers must be turned off when a member will be gone for 24 hours or more. Violators will be issued an infraction ticket.

UNAUTHORIZED WATER CONNECTION: All persons shall remove the hose connections and close the proper valves after filling any water tanks.


Campers connected to the Association’s sewer system are required to have hard piping—flexible tubing is not allowed.

Campers not connected to the Association’s sewer system may use flexible tubing for the transfer of any wastewater into a portable holding tank or transfer-type trolley.

Flexible tubing cannot remain permanently, and must be disconnected once transfer is complete.

Discharge of any wastewater to the ground or any nearby watershed/creek is prohibited.

UNAUTHORIZED DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS: It is prohibited for any person to display or cause the display of any fireworks, which are ignited by a heat source to be discharged in the Campground area.

IMPROPER PARKING OF BOATS OR TRAILERS: Boats or trailers other than those camping trailers or units shall not be stored in the Campground. They may be parked temporarily when the owner/guest is present, as long as they don’t impede traffic or block roadways.

IMPROPER USE OF CAMPFIRE: It is prohibited for any person to cause or allow the location of any campfire to be closer than ten (10) feet to any camping unit and ten (10) feet from any source of propane. All fires must be contained within a fire ring, pit or similar structure with a maximum diameter of 4 feet.

FAILURE TO EXTINGUISH FIRE: All persons shall completely extinguish any fire that is unattended.

CLEANING OF FISH: No cleaning or disposal of raw fish remains in Campground trash containers is allowed.

WASHING OF DISHES IN CAMPGROUND RESTROOMS: No dishwashing in Campground restrooms is allowed.