Dredge & Erosion Committee

Dredge & Erosion Committee Members: Shawn Hepinstall (Chair), Paula Hepinstall, Robert Hayes, Brett Bush, Dave Daniel, Jim Miller, Doug Winter (Board Contact)


Committee Update — Aug. 26, 2020

To: Lake Viking Board of Directors From: Shawn Hepinstall,  Dredge Committee Date: 8/26/2020 Re: Dredge Update Below is a silt basin planning update and information on dredging operations. Our members approved the funding to build a new basin and a lot of planning has...

Lake Dredging Plan

The following Power Point presentation was delivered at the 2019 annual spring meeting of Lake Viking Association (when you click on this link, the report is delivered as an attachment for you to open): 2019 Dredge South End Silt