A stack of 14 quilts were recently donated by Lake Viking Quilters. The quilts, made during this past year, are for the Foster Adopt Connect program.

Foster Adopt Connect was actually started in Cameron before it moved its office to Chillicothe. The organization also has offices in Independence, Springfield, and Poplar Bluff in Missouri and also Olathe (KS). Many of the children the organization places with foster families are abused and neglected.

Therese Smith and her husband, Troy, have recently moved to Lake Viking and, all totaled, they have taken in 13 foster children from Foster Adopt. The children, mostly very young, have been placed with the Smiths for varying lengths of time, some for only a few weeks until permanent foster care can be found, others for longer terms.

For instance, when 8-month-old Cody came to the Smiths, he was underweight and slow to respond. His condition has improved dramatically since he has been in the Smiths’ loving care.

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