I was approached about running for the Lake Viking Board of Directors shortly after my marriage to Kyle Parkhurst and moving here. Having retired from the University of Central Missouri in August of 2016 where I was employed as an English instructor, writing, literature, and language constructs are what I was educated to do. For 40 years, English education with all its multi-faceted trappings was my life work. I also completed a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, as well as, 16 hours toward a specialist’s degree in secondary administration. Little did I realize that those skills could prepare me for service to the Lake Viking community. My term of office began when David Sandy resigned in the summer of 2017. I was notified that the next eight months I would be stepping into his vacated position. I eagerly agreed to begin in August with a steep learning curve ahead of me. In addition to becoming a member of the board, I simultaneously picked up the board liaison position for the Strategic Planning Committee, also a part of David’s job description.

Although looking ahead, without necessary funding, toward planning effective and needed changes has seemed daunting, working with the capable individuals on the committee has had its rewards. One of the major tasks on the table, at this time, is the remodel of our clubhouse. This project will move forward as monies become available. Plans have been drawn and presented to the board for an upgrade we all can enjoy for years to come. Project managers have stepped up to lead us to project completion. The ongoing dredging project is of concern to all of us. The expensive equipment necessary to keep our lake clear and at safe depth requires considerable expertise and constant monitoring. Our lake manager and a team of research workers stand ready to update the board as needed on the success of the Lake Viking dredge project.

Association rules and bylaws exist for all of us at Lake Viking. To insure safety and agreement and to guide and protect homeowners, they are among the most important bodies of information provided to me as a board member. I take these seriously. They are good for all of us and, as such, are enforced.

It has been a privilege to serve as the only woman of the board of directors. My colleagues have graciously sought my opinion and assisted me in my understanding of the important work of the board. My particular strength cited by a fellow board member lies in my ability to interface and work with others. That being said, there is a great deal more to do in my tenure of office. I would appreciate your vote of confidence so that I may continue the important work we have started and provide beneficial service to the Lake Viking community.

Other interests that I have pursued since moving here are: member of the Lake Viking Church; member of the Lake Viking Church choir; teacher of a weekly Bible group; substitute pianist; member of community choirs; a recent member of P.E.O.; and a substitute teacher in the Gallatin School District.

— Sherry Parkhurst

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