Retired from Union Pacific after 36 years of railroad employment. Wife Shirley Leakey and I have been association members since July 2001 and have also been full-time residents at Lake Viking during that time.

We located to Lake Viking because of the attraction of living on a lake. After 17 years, the quality of life we’ve experienced has greatly exceeded expectations. I‘ve served Lake Viking in many capacities. I’ve written articles in Lake Viking News since 2004; been on the PWSD #3 board since 2007, been on the lake committee since 2012 and served as chair of that committee most of that time. Served on the Viking Valley Board of Directors since 2015 with two of those years as a Finance Committee member; wrote the Lake Viking Forty Year Anniversary History in 2007 and the Lake Viking Fifty Year Anniversary Edition which is now available to members.

As a result of my involvement, I very much have my finger on the pulse of Lake Viking both from a historical perspective and in awareness of current activities. During the past 50 years, Lake Viking has been blessed. We have experienced a level of growth and aesthetic beauty that is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and now it’s time to advance our business operation to the next level.

There are many challenges that face Lake Viking as we begin our next 50 years. In my opinion, the two most critical decisions will be building a bigger sediment structure for our dredging operation and increasing demand for tier lots. We need to identify and achieve more creative ways of managing assets and finances, and part of that strategy needs to involve the continuation of work already started on long-term planning by the Finance Committee. We need an aggressive game plan whereby both the board and membership are on the same page and can work together to achieve bigger and better things for the future.

— Troy Lesan
Lot 576
116 Lighthouse Point, Gallatin

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