It’s time to look at sprucing up the Lake Viking Clubhouse. We have a beautiful clubhouse… but, just like your home that is 50 years old, it needs updating. The pink bathroom tile and gold shag carpet needs to be updated; paint, floors and light fixtures are worn out.

Don and Carolyn Leeper have graciously agreed to lead the renovation project, along with their son, Brad, who is a professional architect. Missy and Mark Leggett developed the initial plan…so many thanks to them, also. However, we need more volunteers and financial support before they can move forward with the renovation project. Renovations will be funded primarily through private donations and volunteer work.

The renovation project will move forward in phases as each phase is fully funded through donations. While some of you may wonder why we can’t just start with the painting, the work is being done in a methodical order so that work doesn’t have to be redone.

Many of the beginning updates may not be the updates that you even see…but rather updates to the electrical system and HVAC systems that must be done before the cosmetic updates can be made.

We value your volunteer and financial support and will be very efficient in how we use all resources…both time and money.

There will be a separate fund at the Lake Viking Office specifically for private donations to renovate the clubhouse. You can be assured that donations will be used wisely…and specifically for the clubhouse renovation. Each phase of work will start as funds are raised.

Missy, Don, Carolyn and Brad have worked hard to put together the following plan. There is a design mock-up board with plans for the renovation that will be available for viewing in the Lake Viking Office.

Here is the high-level project plan:

Phase 1 – Structural Repairs/Updates

  • Electrical Upgrades
  • HVAC
  • New Lighting
  • Track lighting on beams
  • Ceiling fans
  • Labor

Phase 2

  • New kitchen makeover with island
  • Labor

Phase 3 – Cosmetic Repairs/Updates

  • Painting
  • Curtains and rods
  • Appliances
  • Floors
  • Bathrooms
  • Labor

Don and Carolyn are very excited to start the renovation project. However, they need your assistance in raising funds to start the renovation and volunteering help to reduce the costs. We have many talented people at Lake Viking who are very gracious with their time and resources. This is a worthy project for which we would ask your assistance to move it forward.

Here’s how you can help:

Volunteer — Provide contact information to Carolyn to let her know what your specialty is so you can be contacted during that phase of work. Provide contact information to Carolyn to help with general work that will be needed. Watch for scheduled work days announcements.

 Financial — Make donation dedicated to Clubhouse Renovation Project. Designate funds to buy specific items for specific phases of the renovation. If you are a contractor, do you have spare parts that can be donated? Help with fundraising.

 We are very excited to move forward with this renovation project. Please contact Carolyn and Don at 515-971-6576 or 515-971-2010 to volunteer your time and/or to donate. We are also very happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to providing you with a beautifully renovated clubhouse. Please help us get started by donating!

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