Members of the Finance Committee want to thank everyone at Lake Viking for all the good work this past year and the great outcomes at the annual meeting. Because of all the good work, and the support of our community, today, we have a five-year plan in place that will guide us with specific, measurable, and accountable goals. The final membership vote for this 5-year plan, taken at the 2018 Annual Meeting was 105 for and 13 against.

To help make this plan more clear, below is a table illustrating the dues and assessments¬†associated with the plan. As we manage forward, we will work to achieve the cash surplus goals each year, with the remainder of any excess funds being moved directly into a separate line item, “Deferred Maintenance/Capital Project.” In addition to any overages of cash beyond the surplus target each year, the new $40 Deferred Maintenance/ Capital Projects assessment will go directly to that line item. Please note this $40 is per member, not per lot.

As a reminder to everyone, the results of this plan will be published quarterly, and just like this year all fees/assessments and the annual budget will be voted on each year at the annual meeting. We have a plan, we have accountability. Let’s continue to work together to make Lake Viking a great place to live and recreate.

Again, the Finance Committee thanks you and looks forward to working with you in matters of mutual concern.

Finance Committee