Property owners: To avoid penalties, submit assessment sheets before May 1

The Daviess County Assessor mailed out personal property assessment forms to taxpayers in January. Second notices were mailed in at the end of March.

The grace period to submit your assessment sheets is coming to an end. If your assessment sheet is not received by the assessor, penalties will be applied on May 1 and cannot be waived.

By state law, personal property assessments must be filed with the assessor every year. “The tax rate for everyone in the county is impacted when citizens do not declare their personal property. Completion of the form assures a fair and equitable distribution of the tax burden on all taxpayers,” says Sally Black, Daviess County Assessor.

The assessor reminds taxpayers that all licensed, unlicensed and permanent plated items must be included on your assessment sheet. This includes RTVs, ATVs, and UTVs, which must be reported even though they are not licensed.

The State provides a list of permanent plated items to the assessor to reference as assessment sheets are reviewed. If you do not include a permanent plated item that is on the State’s list, the item will be added to your sheet by the assessor’s office. The burden of proof in this matter is on the taxpayer.

Buildings on skids should also be included on assessment sheets. Only buildings less than 100 square feet are not assessed.

Residents who have not received an assessment sheet should call the assessor’s office at 660-663-3300 or 663-2240. The staff welcomes residents who have questions or need help filling out their sheets.

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