Colonel Sandra K. Karsten, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, invites the public to view the new “Be Aware Of Your Wake” video located on the Patrol’s website. Members of the Highway Patrol and Kalkomey Enterprises Inc. developed this five-minute video, which focuses on the importance of being aware of and courteous with your boat wake.

“The combination of boaters being aware of the wake they are creating, and boat operators using caution if they encounter large wakes will help reduce the number of injuries we see on our larger waterways,” said Colonel Karsten. “When large boat wakes cannot be avoided, boaters should slow down and approach the wakes at a 45-degree angle to navigate those wakes safely. Alerting passengers to potential rough water is important as well. Doing so allows passengers to brace themselves properly which helps prevent injury.”

Every boating season, numerous injuries occur as boaters attempt to navigate large wakes. Large wakes may damage property, such as boat docks, in addition to causing excessive shoreline erosion. Please be a courteous boater and watch your wake, particularly when operating near docks or the shoreline.

Help troopers make Missouri’s lakes and rivers safer for everyone. Share the water, share the fun, and always wear your lifejacket.

To view the “Be Aware Of Your Wake” video, CLICK HERE