Consider Alex Nijis and Josiene Van Putten from the Netherlands as the “Dutch Chapter” of the Lake Viking Fan Club. Alex visited Shirley and me in 2014, fell in love with the lake, and couldn’t wait to come back. This time, he brought Josie along . . . and she fell in love with Lake Viking too. On this trip, Alex was particularly impressed with the new Lake Viking Marine building, and he and Josie immediately bought sweaters and jackets sporting the Lake Viking Marine logo.

Alex and Josie are from the village of Bergen op Zoom in the very south of Holland close to Belgium, but don’t let the provincial sound of the village deceive you. Alex, having worked for International Oil companies on pipelines and oil rigs, is a world traveler and has spent time on the job at his home office in Brussels, in Norway, Scotland, Peru, Columbia, China, Indonesia, and Houston, TX. Both he and Josie speak flawless English.

Now that Alex is retired, he and Josie have had more time for travel: Indonesia, Paris, Spain, St. Martin, and Aruba to name a few. As a result, I’m posting an all-points alert. If any Association members are traveling anywhere in the world and happen to see these two, wearing their Lake Viking Marine gear, say “hi” to the Dutch Chapter of the Lake Viking Fan Club.

–by Troy Lesan

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