On behalf of the Communication Team, we wanted to let you know that there will be changes made to the Lake Viking Facebook Group.  The LV Facebook group was created in 2010.  Social media has changed significantly since 2010 and we felt the need to update our page to keep up with changes in social media.

We made the LV Facebook page a “closed” page.  The page was previously a “public” page which meant that anyone could access the LV Facebook Group.  We’ve had increased activity by trollers and non-Lake Viking HOA members putting out false information.  By making it a “closed” page, only the members of the LV Facebook Group will be able to access the LV Facebook page.

When the LV Facebook Group was created in 2010, there wasn’t a “code of conduct” for the page.  We are updating the policy and creating a “code of conduct” for members of the LV Facebook Group.  Some examples of the code of conduct are no racial, derogatory or foul language, etc.  We want this Facebook page to be a useful social media tool for our home owners association.  We will require members of the LV Facebook page to post comments using their real name instead of a fictitious trolling names.  Inappropriate postings will be taken down if the postings are in violation of the “code of conduct” for the Facebook page.  These changes will be made to protect the integrity of the Facebook page.  The new code of conduct will be published on the LV Facebook page soon.

So… what does this mean to our current members of the LV Facebook page.  We don’t anticipate that there will be any changes to the vast majority of the members of our LV Facebook Group.   If you are posting within the code of conduct and using your real name, there should be no changes.  We currently have non-members who are part of the LV Facebook page.  We will continue to allow them to be part of this group provided they abide by our policy and code of conduct.   If new HOA members want to join the LV Facebook Group, they can request to be added.

I think most of you will agree that Facebook can be a wonderful and positive tool.  We support open and constructive communications and we believe these changes will assist toward that goal.

Thank you for understanding the updates that we have made.

Communications Team – Susan Zalenski and Dennis Schlaiss