Current career setting: General Manager – Office Depot
Number of years an Association Member: 8 years
Previous VVA Board or committee service: Board Member 2018, Campground 2013 – present, Infraction Committee 2018-2019
Additional personal or family data: Married to Gina for 13 years. We have 6 children and 4 grandchildren. We enjoy having our kids and grandkids at the lake with us. This is a very fun and comfortable place to be and has always been a friendly community. This is the main reason we love it here at Lake Viking.


  • What qualities of Lake Viking led you to become a property owner? — The comforts of the lake and the peace we feel when we are here. The convenience of the lake to our house in Gladstone was also a big draw for us to purchase here and look to be here long into the future.
  • Describe aspects of your background that uniquely prepare you for Board service — I served on the Board in 2018. I’m currently on the Campground and Infraction committees. I have been involved with the lake every year that we have been here. I’ve run thriving businesses for 32 years.
  • What do you feel is the greatest challenge facing our Association? Funding of major projects that need to be done for the future. ie: Dredging and sustaining our infrastructure.
  • What are the top two issues you want the Board to focus on? We have to focus and keep focusing on the future of the lake. I believe there has been a good start with the Strategic Planning Group this past year.
  • Describe your vision for Lake Viking: My vision is to try and help keep our beautiful, friendly lake that way. By having people wanting to buy and stay at the lake in the future. By showing what the lake is about people, will keep coming and help keep the lake flourishing.