In an effort to gain voluntary compliance with the association handbook, the Safety Department would like to remind you of a couple of rules. First, when operating a vessel at nighttime, you are required to display state approved navigational lighting when underway. This means you must have the red and green lights in the front of the vessel and a white or yellow light that is visible from 360 degrees. If you are stationary, you must display a white or yellow light that is visible from 360 degrees. These requirements can be found on page 26 of the 2020 association handbook. The bottom line is, please light up your vessel for safety!

We have also encountered a lot of people on the lake without the required boater safety certificate and photo ID. On page 28 & 29 in the 2020 association handbook, any person born after Jan. 1, 1984, is required to have a boater safety certificate on their vessel. The rule goes on to require the member to also have a valid photo ID so safety can ensure the operator is the holder of the certificate. We understand that you may not want to put an ID on the vessel for obvious reasons. The safety department will accept a color photo copy of an ID along with the boater safety certificate.
We are here to serve you by promoting compliance with the handbook.

 — Safety Director Jason McTheeney