The Lake Viking Activities Committee has provided a busy venue for membership during the past few weeks. The recent lineup started with Patio Party #3, held once again in the clubhouse area and featuring a group called Cheap Thrills. This group was a recent addition to the scheduled events, but they were no less exciting than the excellent groups featured earlier. There was nothing cheap about Cheap Thrills. Putting it plainly – they rocked and rocked all night long.

Cheap Thrills fired up the crowd with a great performance

The lead guitar player “wowed” the audience, even during warm-up

The next event, one day later, was the Third Annual Lake Viking Scavenger Hunt. The scavenger hunts have become a favorite and this year’s event lived up to its reputation. Is it my imagination? Or does this thing get a little more challenging every year? Take these hints for example: How does a glad rabbit feel? Or Quack, Quack, waddle waddle. Yep, the folks on the Activities Committee continue to come up with original ideas for concealing things in both high and low places. The winners in this year’s scavenger hunt were announced after a close battle. First place of $100 went to Mike and Katie McElhinney, and they promptly donated their winnings back to the Activities Committee. Second place went to TNT, Tina and Todd Baker, and third place in this wonderful event went to Team Burton.

These two “aliens” were a part of the hunt

…so were this “lost sheep”

The epitome of Scavenger Hunt success …finding Waldo!

JY announces the results

Finally . . . the Garage Sale was on Sept. 12. It seemed that this year’s fall edition was actually busier than the garage sale last spring. For one thing, the weather was nicer – it was a beautiful day – and there were also a few more vendors — 42 to be exact.

The Sept 2020 Garage Sale was definitely a buyer’s market, be it for an antique saddle…

…or for an African war shield

…or for an armload of noodldes!

These pictures serve as good documentation for a successful run of three great events. The Activities Committee just keeps getting better. Soon there will be yet another event: The Fall Wine Festival, and more opportunities for good times and good photos.

— by Troy Lesan

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