Here are a few tips to remember when burning leaves …

  • Do not burn when winds are in excess of 15 mph.**
  • Do not leave the area unattended while the leaf pile is burning. **
  • Plan to burn on a vegetation-free, level patch of dirt no more than 4’x4’ and at least 50’ from any occupied dwelling. Try to find an area free of tree branches and power lines. [Please refer to the LV 2020 Handbook for Campground Rules]
  • Burn piles increase the level of carbon monoxide in the air. Note: If you receive enough exposure this may reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood and lungs, especially if you suffer from a respiratory condition.
  • Leaves should be dry. Wet foliage burns slower and produces more smoke.
  • Light a small branch or sheet of paper with a match and place it among the leaves to ignite the pile. NEVER use fire starters or gasoline.
  • Keep a garden hose, shovel, rake and/or fire extinguisher ready in case of an emergency.
  • Douse area thoroughly with water when finished.
  • If your fire gets out of control, call the fire department immediately!
  • Consider using a burn barrel.

** Lake Viking 2020 Handbook Rules and Regulations

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