VVA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:  Nov. 14, 2021 

Call to Order 

Tony Gronniger, lot 2281, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the clubhouse at 6:30 pm. Board members present were:  Marvin McNabb, lot 28; Mike Booth, lot 2380; Allan Slavin, lot 181; Troy Lesan, lot 576; Celeste Armanees, lot 62. Not present was Mark Leggett, lot S165.

Marvin McNabb led in prayer. Shad Mort led the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Tony Gronniger opened the meeting with the Vision/Mission Statement: “Lake Viking is a private lake aspiring to preserve our community and environment for future generations.” “Quality amenities and infrastructure are essential.”

Approval of Last Month’s Minutes 

Troy Lesan moved to approve last month’s minutes, Celeste Armaness seconded; motion passed. 

Handbook Committee 

No report

Finance Committee 

Troy Lesan reported:  We met Thursday, November 11 online, with six members present. Financial statements were reviewed, with Shad Mort reporting on expenses still coming in on road work and silt basin construction.  Otherwise, our Profit Loss report came in better than the earlier projected budget, with building permit fees income showing a particularly strong increase. In other business, our chairman John Kmetz reviewed a recommendation by Westbrook Accounting to delete Fixed Asset line items from our financial statements that Westbrook maintains. John concurs that in a system of “cash accounting” these line items are not reflected in the cash-in nor the cash-out or profit and loss. Paula Hepinstall reported on creating a new line item under Capital Expenditures which replaces the document that was a stand-alone document we’ve previously used, so Capital Expenditures will be figured in right along with everything else. Two withdrawals are anticipated from our Morgan Stanley account:  one for $60,000 as final payment for the year to Selby Construction on the silt basin work; the other is for $170,000 transferred to our regular bank account to help with operating expenses for the next few months. The committee has requested a meeting next month with our Morgan Stanley rep to get a periodic review of that account performance. Our final 2022 budget has been finalized and will be sent to committee members in the next few days to review, for the Finance Committee’s recommendation at next month’s Board meeting.  Next, I would like to establish online viewing capabilities to view our BTC Bank account. In order to do so, BTC Bank has requested the minutes of our meeting reflecting a motion for me to do this. At this time, I will ask for a motion from the floor to satisfy. Celeste Armaness motioned to make our account at BTC Bank viewable online by Troy Lesan (Board Treasurer). Allan Slavin seconded; after discussion, the motion passed. 

Strategic Planning Committee 

Tony Gronniger reported:  The Board goals and the VVA Strategic Plan will be sent out before the end of the year. It will basically be our quarterly report from the Strategic Planning Committee. 

Activities Committee 

Celeste Armanees reported:  During October was the Halloween Trunk-or-Treat, which was the biggest Trunk-or-Treat ever.  We had 86 children dressed up, and 9 vehicle trunks all decked out including the VVA Firetruck. The prize for Best Decorated Trunk went to Jerry & Mellisa Goehring, whose theme was “Willy Wonka Magic Gobstobbers Machine”.  The upcoming Cookie Decorating & Craft Party that was scheduled for December 4th is canceled. 

Building Committee 

Marvin McNabb reported:  For the month of October, we had 11 permits approved, with 2 of those being homes. 

Fire Department 

Tony Gronniger reported:  We participated in the Trunk-or-Treat, where we handed out fire safety sheets and had a lot of fun seeing the kids all dressed up. Our other event was on November 6–our Annual Chili Cook-Off. It was a HUGE success, as we received more donations this year than ever, with a total of $2,480. The Fire Department would like to thank the Board, the Activities Committee, and all members and their guests who joined us that night, and to Wendy’s for donating the crackers. It was a great night.  Every once in and while this place amazes me! 

Campground Committee 

Mike Booth reported:  The water to both campgrounds was shut off on November 1st for the off-season.  On October 30, the campground received an anonymous donation to host a Halloween party and it went very well with almost 200 people attending!  We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to the anonymous donor.  Also, we have started to re-number the spots in the campgrounds–we’re about ⅔ done in Campground 1. 

Lake Committee

No meeting, no report

Infraction Committee

No meeting, no report 

Dredge Committee 

Shad Mort reported:  Phase 1 of the project is complete, and they are about to start on Phase 2 which is the stop log structures. So the first phase, the cleanout, and the new pond structure is all complete, and the road is opened back up. 

Lake Manager Report – Shad Mort 

  1. Chip & Seal Operations:  Vance Brothers has pulled the plug on us early because of cold weather coming in. They were doing the Special Road District and us at the same time. The only thing we have left is Baywatch & in front of the office over to the west side of the dam. Next spring, we are on their list to be here first thing.  So as a Board, we should consider for when they come back, if we’ll have new money by next spring to just go ahead and do a few more miles. This year so far we’ve already spent $112,000 on patching operations and such.  We got a bill Friday for $152,000 for the chip & seal that they did (vs. their bid was $170,000). So we’ve spent a total of $264,000 on roads this year.  Paying for that: budget for Special Road is $53,000 + $190,000 is budgeted road money + about $20,000 – $30,000 already approved from the building permit fees. 
  2. Special Lake Projects:  At Pirate and Pilot, we have been cleaning out those structures for dredging later on.  We are working on getting ready to dredge for next spring. 
  3. Tube Replacement:  We have replaced two tubes–one major replacement at Shipyard; the other between Catfish and Campground 1. We will try to do one more on the west side of the lake, and that will be it for this year. 


Troy Lesan moved to approve this month’s financial statements.  Marvin McNabb seconded, motion passed. 

Guest Time

  1. Brian Prewitt, lot 63:  Was not present at the meeting.
  2. Robert Allison, lot MH52:  I am here to ask the Board to repeal my infraction ticket and be reimbursed my $80 fine. I received the letter from the Lake Committee and also the infraction ticket at my part-time home here at the lake. I did not know I had either until I received my statement sent to my full-time home in Kansas City. Troy Lesan moved to dismiss the infraction ticket & reimburse him the $80 due to clerical error. Allan Slavin seconded, motion passed. 
  3. Susan Sill, lot 429:  I received an infraction ticket for not maintaining trash service. However, I paid Affordable Disposal in September and do not feel that I should be charged this infraction ticket. After some discussion, Celeste Armanees moved to dismiss the ticket due to Affordable Disposal’s clerical error. Allan Slavin seconded, motion passed.  

Board Discussion

  1. Nominating Committee: There will be 2 open Board positions voted on at the Annual Meeting in March, so we are looking for VVA members to run for the 2 Board positions available. If you would like to be on the Nominating Committee or run for a Board of Directors position, please contact the office at 660-322-9001, or email  “[email protected]”.
  2. IT Discussion: Marvin McNabb reported that the cameras at the dump are being re-positioned to point to the gate so we can get a better view.  Beach 2 camera equipment is ready to go, we are just waiting on electricity to be wired. I plan to order the server for the office after I meet Tuesday with Mike Lammers (member volunteer IT consultant). 
  3. Managing Director hiring:  We have completed the interview process. Of 10 persons who applied for the job, we interviewed 2 very strong candidates, which we will discuss further in Executive Session tonight. We will let the candidates know and the Association soon to follow. 


Troy Lesan moved to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Personnel & Board organizational matters at 6:58 pm. Celeste Armanees seconded, motion passed.  


Mark & Stephanie Closterman, lot 1900; Sue Morris, lot 332; Mary Aschbrenner, lot 306; Cathy Poindexter, lot 1127; Susan Sill, lot 429; Bob Allison, lot MH52.