Call to Order

Tony Gronniger, lot 2281, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the clubhouse at 6:30pm. Board Members present were: Troy Lesan, lot 576; Allan Slavin, lot 181; Marvin McNabb, lot 28; Mike Booth, lot 2380. Tony Gronniger led in prayer. Cathy Poindexter led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Prior to the regular business of today’s meeting, Conservation Agents Jason Braunecker and Jaycob O’Hara were present to introduce themselves. Jaycob is the new Conservation Agent of Daviess County.
Tony Gronniger read the Vision/Mission Statement and a Parameter of the Viking Valley Association.

Approval of Minutes
Allan Slavin moved to approve the minutes of the December Board meeting. Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.


Handbook Committee – no report

Finance Committee
Troy Lesan reported the meeting was held via Teams Microsoft virtual format, and called to order by John Kmetz (Chair) on Jan. 6 th @ at 5:00pm with 8 attendees present.

• New committee member: The Committee voted to recommend adding Terry Nibarger. Terry has a strong 32-year background in the financial sector as a Personal Financial Planner and Manager of the Chillicothe office of Raymond James. Motion was made to add Terry Nibarger to the Finance Committee; motion passed.

• 2021 year-end Financial Statements: Despite a large projected budget deficit of over $300,000, VVA finished in the black. This is because several large expenses (silt basin and special lake) were considerably under-budget, and income from Building Permit fees, Community Area sales and even special assessments were up. So after a year in which VVA paid over $100,000 expense for capital gains tax, $350,000 in silt basin expense, and $78,000 expense for a new Safety Boat, to show ANY income is remarkable!

• 2022 proposed budget: Meanwhile, 2022 becomes the year we are sure to have a year-end deficit projected at a $210,000 deficit. This is due to capital gains taxes again (on sale of Community Areas in ’21 w/ taxes on it due April ‘22)–this time without the offsetting benefit of additional Community Area sales in the tax year (’22). Plus, we will also be incurring more large expenses in the final Phase 2 construction of the silt basin. This projected deficit is the reason that we built up our funds with a record income year in 2020. Even after these expenses in 2022 and the resulting deficit, we will still project a strong balance in our funds summary. The 2022 budget has been included in the Board packets. Motion was made for the Board to present this proposed 2022 budget @ the Annual Meeting; motion passed.

• Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Sat., Feb 19 @ 2:00pm, to be held on-line via Zoom.

• Suggested change on late fees: In order to reduce VVA’s unusually high # of late-payments on dues and assessments—some late by many months—the Finance Committee recommends that the Board consider the following potential change to Handbook pg. 8 under “Non-Payment Penalties”: change the current $20 late fee at 10 days to $25 at 15 days; add at 45 days late an additional $80 late fee, then after 60 days late the current 1.0% interest would change to 1.5% interest per month to begin accruing. The rest of the rule would remain the same. This is the Finance Committee’s recommendation, to start the process of pre-approval. Then since this is a By-Law, any approved change would be proposed for vote at the Annual Meeting in March. So this is not for the Board to act on or vote on tonight, as all By-Law changes must be voted on by the membership @ Annual Meeting in March.

Strategic Planning Committee – no report

Activities Committee – no report
Tony Gronniger said the Activities Committee has generated their 2022 Calendar of Events, which is posted on our Lake Viking website.

Building Committee
Marvin McNabb reported the Committee had 7 building permits in the month of December, one being a house. Tony Gronniger asked if there is a way to find out how many active permits we have right now? Marvin McNabb said it is hard right now to answer that question due to extensions given because of lack of supplies, lack of workers, and bad weather but he will attempt to get that answer.

Fire Department – no report

Campground Committee
Mike Booth reported the 2022 Campground Fee statements have been mailed, with payment due February 1st .

Lake Committee – no report

Infraction Committee – no report

Dredge Committee – no report
Tony Gronniger said silt basin construction is on track. Troy Lesan said bills are coming in for the pipes and tubes as Phase 2 of silt basin construction. Tony Gronniger said they have dropped and installed the tubes and are down to the stoplog structure.

Managing Director/Lake Manager Report
Cathy Poindexter (Managing Director as of Jan.1) reported a tentative plan for the Spring chip and seal: Baywatch will be completed, along with Lake Viking Terrace from the Lake Office to the west side of the dam. Those areas were scheduled to have been completed in Fall 2021, but chip and seal operations were stopped due to cold temperatures. So while Vance Brothers are here completing that, she would like to proceed with this year’s 2022 chip and seal. This year’s plan is to finish chip and seal on Lake Viking Terrace and the short-cut roads, totaling approx 6 miles.

Cathy reported that she and Shad have a timeline established for January and February to transition duties. January will be: preparing for the Annual Meeting, working on DNR lagoon reporting, DNR safety process for dam, water district and road district contracts, cemetery process, Dept of Agriculture license renewal, taxes and insurance, handbooks and personnel, campground, budgeting, finance, and employee reviews. February will be: reviewing process for dredging, roads, special lake projects, pool process, Maintenance and Safety personnel and roles, inventory and equipment, mowing process, contractors, and VVA-owned property.

Troy Lesan moved to approve the Financial Reports. Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.

Guest Time
No guests were present for guest time.

Board Discussions
Troy Lesan reported he has 1 person interested in running for the Board. If you are interested in running for the Board, please call the Office at 660-322-9001 for more information.

Marvin McNabb reported he is working on our IT tech needs, and is moving forward.

Marvin McNabb proposed a change to the Handbook page 38, paragraph titled “9-1-1 Addresses and Lot Numbers to be displayed”. The proposed change is so that emergency personnel can quickly locate and arrive wherever the emergency is, even during construction phase. Add “All new home Building Permits are required to obtain the 9-1-1 address for their property prior to the start of the build process. The 9-1-1 address must be posted on the property and provided to the VVA Office. The 9-1-1 address can be obtained by calling the 9-1-1 Address Geo Comm @ 888-436-2666.” Marvin McNabb moved to approve this change. Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed.

Peggy in Safety vocalized her support for this change, so lot owners will post their 9-1-1 address along w/ lot # at the beginning of construction.

Mike Booth would like to look into assigning 9-1-1 addresses to all of the 1st and 2nd tier lots.

Board discussed adding Cathy Poindexter to the BTC Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Commerce Bank accounts as authorized individual. Troy Lesan moved to approve this change. Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.

The Board discussed reinstating the infraction ticket issued to All About Fences for work completed at lot #1116. Marvin McNabb made a motion to reinstate the infraction ticket and reduce the fine to $200. Troy Lesan seconded. Allan Slavin opposed; motion passed.

Adjourn: Troy Lesan moved to adjourn to Executive Session. Marvin McNabb, seconded; motion passed.

Attendance: Mark and Stephanie Closterman, lot 1900; Peggy Lankford, lot 2591; Mary Aschbrenner, lot 306; Sue Morris, lot 332; Levi McClure, lot 1741; Cathy Poindexter, lot 1127.