Call to Order
Tony Gronniger, lot 2281, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the clubhouse at 2pm. Board members present were: Troy Lesan, lot 576; Allan Slavin, lot 181; Marvin McNabb, lot 28; Mike Booth, lot 2380; Celeste Armanees, lot 62. Troy Lesan led in prayer. Shad Mort led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Minutes
Troy Lesan moved to approve the minutes of the January Board meeting. Celeste Armanees seconded; motion passed.

Handbook Committee
As Board contact for this committee, Celeste Armanees read 7 proposed changes to the VVA Handbook—most were submitted by the Safety Dept, or the Board. To save time, they’ll be presented in related pairs to be voted on.

Pg. 17: as 1st sentence under BUILDING RULES and REGS, add:
CURRENT: (none)
ADD: “For purposes of clarity, the Building Committee has the following definitions for all lots designated as Residential Lots:
UNIMPROVED LOT is defined as a lot w/ no house. However, it may have a storage shed, a dock, a shelter, and/or patio.
• IMPROVED LOT is defined as a lot w/ a completed house.”
Reason: For clarity, since these phrases are used in Handbook.

Pg. 20 under Silt Fence paragraph:
CURRENT … vs. PROPOSED is underlined:
Silt Fence:  “ … After shoreline work has begun, straw bales (insert “or sock or tube-style barriers”) are required at the end of each workday. Upon completion of the shoreline, a contractor-grade silt fence, along with a solid run of staked straw bales (insert “or sock or tube-style barriers”) must be installed and maintained, until such time that a ground cover has been established. …”
Reason: Per contractors, sock or tube-style barriers are just as, if not more effective, than straw bales—even on the shoreline, which our current rule prohibits.

Celeste Armanees moved to approve both Handbook changes on pages 17 and 20 as stated above. Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed.

Pg. 26 bottom, under “Personal Watercraft”, last sentence:
CURRENT … vs. PROPOSED is underlined: Any personal watercraft violations will automatically (insert “may”) be issued an infraction ticket.
Reason (as suggested by Safety Dept): Safety Officer needs discretion to issue an infraction or not.

Pg. 38 under General Order Rules and Regulations, replace:
CURRENT:  “Smoking in the Clubhouse is prohibited at any time.
REPLACE with: “Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all Association-owned buildings.”
Reason: For consistency in all VVA buildings.

Celeste Armanees moved to approve both Handbook changes on pages 26 and 38 as stated above. Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.

Pg. 35 top, under paragraph “ATVs, Golf Carts, Four-Wheelers and Any Motorized Conveyance”, add as #8:
CURRENT:  (none)
PROPOSED: 8) “Auxiliary lights on the roadway after dark must be turned “off”.
Reason (as suggested by Safety Dept): Auxiliary lights are also prohibited on state highways, as these can be blinding to oncoming motorists.

Celeste Armanees moved to approve the Handbook change on page 35 as stated above. Marvin McNabb seconded. After discussion, this Handbook change on “auxiliary lights” was tabled until the next meeting.

Pg. 39 under section “Trash Disposal”, 2nd paragraph:
CURRENT: “All trash put out the day prior to scheduled pick-up date must be placed in a container with a sealable lid securely closed.”
PROPOSED: “All trash put out (delete “the day”) prior to scheduled pick-up ….”
Reason (as suggested by Safety Dept): Should delete “the day” prior because if this is required, then all the permanent trash boxes built at roadside would be in violation.

Celeste Armanees moved to approve Handbook change to pg. 39 under section “Trash Disposal”, but motion failed to pass.

Pg. 39 last line, under section “Dumpster Use”
CURRENT: “10. Misuse of dumpsters will be subject to a $250 fine, as determined by the Infraction Committee.”
PROPOSED: “10. Misuse of dumpsters is subject to a maximum $500 fine, as determined by the Infraction Committee.”
Reason: To give Safety Officers discretion on the fine amount according to severity of the offense.

Celeste Armanees moved to approve the Handbook change on page 39 under “Dumpster Use”. Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.

Finance Committee
Finance Committee met on-line via Microsoft Teams called to order @ 5:01pm on Thurs., Feb. 10 by Chair John Kmetz with 8 members present, and Tony Gronniger also attending.

Financial Statements were reviewed. Expenses on a comparative basis were already increased substantially from January 2021, due to expenses for Phase 2 of Silt Basin construction.

Retained Earnings document has been updated by Paula Hepinstall, who explained that several fund categories such as “Community Area” Sales Fund and Dredge Fund were adjusted to reflect Silt Basin expenses for 2021. The 2022 Capital Expenditures document was also adjusted to reflect a smaller amount, due to some of those expenses moving to the Silt Basin Construction line item.

Collections Agency for past-due amounts to VVA: Our contract with Northwest Financial Services (NWFS) is up for renewal, so Troy Lesan has invited NWFS account manager Tracy Klamert to attend the Finance Committee meeting in March for a Q&A. She was very receptive to the idea and agreed to attend.

Troy reported that Celeste Armanees questioned the line-item expense on Campground Utilities for Jan. 2022. The Committee agreed that the 2021 Campground expense for winter electricity should be looked at for comparison.

Mike Booth asked if the Campground Manager was notified about the electric bill prior to the meeting? Mike insisted “Let the record show that it seems to be the new normal that the Campground Manager and the Campground Committee are being left out of ongoing discussions.” Celeste Armanees responded that the Campground Manager was e-mailed an invite to the Finance Meeting w/ all financial statements attached, but he did not attend (phone into) the meeting.

Strategic Planning Committee
No report

Activities Committee
No report

Building Committee
Marvin McNabb reported the Committee had 3 Building Permits in the month of January, one being a house.

Fire Department
Tony Gronniger reported that the Fire Dept met yesterday. The First Responders course is still on-track to be held: Changes have been made to the course at the county level and state level. The Fire Dept and Lake have 4 or 5 people interested in taking this fee-based course, which will be paid for by the Fire Dept/Lake.

Campground Committee
No report

Lake Committee
No report

Infraction Committee
No report

Dredge Committee
Shawn Hepinstall reported the South End structure is being constructed: Drain tubes are in, but the weather got cold and they haven’t been able to pour the concrete. Shawn reported that additional pipe and floats have been purchased to reach as far back as needed, behind the Yacht Club. Shawn said he has been asked when dredging will begin, and he is hoping in the spring, after the concrete has been poured and allowed to cure. Shawn said this spring they will also be looking at how to slow the silt down at Chesney’s Creek, the south ponds, and Three Tubes.

Lake Manager Report
Shad Mort reported that some tube replacements are needed at Deer Run. Deer Run has twin tubes that are 7 feet in diameter, approx. 80 feet long. The tubes are both starting to rust out in the bottom and are going to be problematic.

Shad said we are getting bids right now, so this will likely be a capital expenditure this year. Shad said options are being explored as to putting a concrete box culvert in, or a tube similar to what is there now.

Shad reported that the transition from Lake Manager (himself) to Managing Director (Cathy Poindexter) is going well. The Board has been provided a list of the new role’s duties and responsibilities, so the two of them are reviewing all that now as her On-Boarding for the new role.

Troy Lesan moved to approve the Financial Reports. Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.

Guest Time
Guest #1: Greg and Nancy Hall, lots Z5 and Z6, were present to speak with the Board of Directors about redesignating lots Z5 and Z6. Greg would like to have a Home Improvement office and workshop area to keep his tools. He would like to have both lots, as well as any future lots he purchases, to have the same lot designation (what the lot can be used for). He has looked at S Lots to purchase, but there are none available. So Nadine Parmenter suggested he look into Z lots. Greg’s business would be to rent out to Association members only: large storage units for cars, trucks, boats, and RVs. Greg would like to acquire lot Z4, Z7, and Z8 for his development. Shad told him that the Board can change the designation of the lots only as long as it does not conflict with what is already designated here at Lake Viking. For example, Shad told Greg that the Marina already has exclusive rights to watercraft storage (so that’s not an option for Greg), and the lot next to Lake Viking Sales already has a designation as mini-storage even though they are not built. Troy Lesan said a designation for Home Improvement (e.g. building sheds) could be done on these lots. Shad told Greg if he was to put his building for the Home Improvement business on one lot, and a building for his personal storage on another–that cannot be done, because Z lots cannot be used as S lots. Z lots are for commercial use only.

Troy Lesan moved to redesignate lot Z6 for “Home Improvement business”. Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.
(Vote by name: Troy Lesan, Allan Slavin, Marvin McNabb, Celeste Armanees voted yes; Mike Booth voted no.)

Troy Lesan moved to redesignate lot Z5 for “Home Improvement business”. Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed. (Vote by name: Troy Lesan, Allan Slavin, Marvin McNabb voted yes; Mike Booth and Celeste Armanees voted no.)

Guest #2: Drew and Ashley Reynolds, owners of 50 Grams Foods were present to speak to the Board about putting a food truck on the water via a boat. They have purchased a 24-foot pontoon and are looking at purchasing lot 1010. Discussion was had about local and state rules and inspections. The Board expressed concern about the safety of cooking on a boat, and where would they leave it at night. Drew Reynolds said they would pull the boat out nightly. The Board of Directors would like to do some checking on this for safety reasons. The Board of Directors requested a business plan be presented to them for further discussion.

Guest #3: Sally Zerbe was present to ask for clarification on the financials. Sally has been following the minutes printed in the Lake Viking News since October, and some of the totals did not add up. Her question is regarding Morgan Stanley, Bucket 3.

Sally is questioning if VVA has $285,000 or $517,000 in Bucket 3. The Board responded it was recorded incorrectly–that Morgan Stanley, Bucket 3 still has $517,000. Sally also wanted to know if the Board of Directors was still proposing to increase interest rates, as that would be a violation of the covenants. The Board advised they have already withdrawn this, as they realized it was in violation of the covenants. Celeste Armanees thanked Sally, saying it’s good to know someone is closely reading our minutes, especially our financials!

Board Discussions
Troy Lesan reported that the Nominating Committee has 4 candidates running for the 2 open Board of Directors positions. Candidates are: Tony Gronniger, Doug Winter, George Eshnaur, and Matt Hibler.

Marvin McNabb reported he has for each Board member a new VVA laptop tablet loaded with new security features, etc. Marvin reported he will need some additional funds to hire an IT consultant for installation of the server and the Cloud in the Office. The services will cost $85.00/hour x ~ 12 hours.

Marvin McNabb moved to remove Shad Mort from the BTC, Edward Jones, and Commerce Bank accounts. Mike Booth seconded; motion passed.

Troy Lesan moved to approve the contract with Westbrook and Co P.C., to continue their accounting services for the 2022 fiscal year. Celeste Armanees seconded; motion passed.

Troy Lesan moved to approve the contract with Westbrook and Co P.C., to prepare the 2021 fiscal year IRS tax return for the Viking Valley Association. Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.

After Board discussion, the contract renewal with Northwest Financial Services will be tabled until the next Board meeting, after the Finance Committee has their Q&A with representatives from Northwest Financial Services.

The Board of Directors approved the contracts with the Public Water Service District #3 of Daviess County, and the Daviess County Special Road District—with their rate increases to us.

The Board of Directors approved the Vance Brothers contract for chip and seal roadwork for the upcoming year. Vance Brothers’ bid includes finishing the ‘21 work that wasn’t able to be completed last year due to weather.

The Board of Directors discussed 9-1-1 addresses, lot numbers, and how they are displayed, to facilitate emergency personnel quickly locating the emergency address. Jason McTheeney from Safety discussed the importance of distinguishing between posted address numbers vs. lot numbers for the safety of our members, and first responders being able to locate them. The Board will propose this Handbook rule clarification/change at the April Board meeting.

Adjourn: Marvin McNabb moved to adjourn to Executive Session. Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.

Attendance: Mark and Stephanie Closterman, lot 1900; Peggy Lankford, lot 2591; Mary Aschbrenner, lot 306; Sue Morris, lot 332; Shawn and Paula Hepinstall, lot 543; Nancy and Greg Hall, lot 483; Doug and Resa Wiltse, lot 494; Sally Zerbe, lot 2045; Robert and Vikki Walton, lot 217; Matt Hibler, lot 1151; Drew and Ashley Reynolds of 50 Grams Foods; Jason McTheeney and John Oaks of Safety Dept.