Call to Order

Tony Gronniger, lot 2281, called the meeting to order, held on the upper level of the clubhouse at 6:30 pm. Board members present were:  Troy Lesan, lot 576; Allan Slavin, lot 181; Marvin McNabb, lot 28; Mike Booth, lot 2380; Celeste Armanees, lot 62; Doug Winter, lot 46.  Mike Booth led in prayer.  Cathy Poindexter led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Approval of Minutes

Troy Lesan moved to approve the minutes of the February Board meeting. Celeste Armanees seconded; motion passed.




Handbook Committee

Celeste Armanees reported there are about a dozen proposed Handbook changes presented later in the meeting, so they’ll make the next printing of the 2022 Handbook.


Finance Committee

(Note:  As suggested by long-time Board Treasurer Troy Lesan, new Board member Doug Winter is VVA’s new Treasurer, with Troy Lesan as Asst. Treasurer.)  Treasurer Doug Winter reported that Tony Conforti is interested in serving on the Finance Committee.  Tony is a CPA and owns his own payroll business & has been a member for 3 years.  Doug Winter made a motion to add Tony Conforti to the Finance Committee.  Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed.

Doug Winter reported that due to higher demand for tier lots (we’ve sold more tier lots in past 3 months than in the past 3 years combined), the Finance Committee unanimously recommends that the Board increase the sale price of VVA-owned  tier lots, S lots, and Yacht Club lots.  The purpose of increasing the sale price of VVA-owned lots is to minimize (as much as possible) future annual dues increases to VVA membership. 

  • Tier lots: currently $1,000 would change to $2,000 per lot.  The Board of Directors agreed to raise the price of the tier lots to $2,000.
  • Yacht Club lots: VVA owns approx 12 lots that are no longer needed for the Silt Basin Project, so could be sold.  Because these lots are more valuable, the Finance Committee recommends selling Yacht Club lots for $5,000.  Doug Winter moved to increase the price of these Yacht Club lots from current $1,000 to new $5,000 sale price.  Allan Slavin, seconded; motion passed.
  • S lots: VVA owns 2ea S lots (zoned primarily to build Storage hangars).  The Finance Committee recommends a “sealed bid process” (similar to that done for Community Area lots) on these two lots—lot #S101 @ minimim sealed bid of $50,000; lot #S131 @ minimum sealed bid of $40,000.  The proceeds from these two S lots would be earmarked for beach improvements.  The timeframe & sealed bid instructions will be published in the Lake Viking News, on Lake Viking’s official Facebook page, and on website  Sealed bids will be accepted only from current VVA members.  (This is not an auction, so make your 1 & only bid your best offer.)  Then, only if the minimum bid is not met, will the bidding process be open to the public.  Doug Winter made the motion to sell the two S lots.  Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed w/ 5 yes votes, 1 no vote.

Managing Dir. Cathy Poindexter further explained what the funds from selling both S lots would be used for:  The beaches currently slope downhill, allowing sand to wash into the water when it rains or waves wash into the beach.  The plan is to reconfigure/dig out Beach 1 & Beach 2 flattening the beach, terracing, and adding large landscaping stones.  This would reduce the amount of sand lost each year into the lake, which would reduce our re-purchase of sand each year & especially reduce our dredging costs of removing all this washed-out Beach sand we have to dredge out of our lake each year.

Strategic Planning Committee – no report


Activities Committee

Celeste Armanees reported the Wine & Cheese Tasting was a success with ~100 members attending.  The Easter Egg Hunt had ~100  kids hunting for 1,200 candy-filled eggs.  Upcoming events:

—Spring Garage Sale:    Sat., April 23 @ 8am-2pm (map @ Office)

—Fishing Tournament:  Sat., April 23 @ 7am-1pm

—Cinco de Mayo:            Fri., May 6 @ 6-9pm in Clubhouse


The Committee has also used their fund to purchase $600 of black tablecloths to rent for weddings & large events at Clubhouse.  The Committee is also considering purchase of matching chair covers to rent out; however this would require VVA to purchase stackable poly chairs to replace the Clubhouse’s current folding metal chairs, so the cost/benefit of this is still being considered.


Building Committee

Allan Slavin reported the Committee had 20 Building Permits–1 being a house.


Fire Department

Tony Gronniger reported the Fire Dept meets monthly.  They recently purchased an AED w/ its pads and accessories for the Safety boat.  Also purchased medical bags, and is currently assessing their fleet of trucks due to age.  Tony would like the Office to check into the rental of portable oxygen tanks.  Mark Closterman reported that he was asked about the siren placement around the lake.  Mark said he was told by a member that they could not hear the siren when it was set off last week.  Tony said the issue of not being heard could be due to high wind speed that night causing a dead spot.  Mike Booth explained the sirens are not meant to be heard indoors.  These outdoor sirens are for alerting people who are outside.  Vs. if people are inside, weather alerts should be via other methods such as TV, weather radio or cellphone alert.


Campground Committee

Mike Booth reported the Campgrounds are now open.  Mary Hibler added that she has one spot open in Campground 1 w/ a Wait List of 7.  She reported Campground 2 is full w/ no Wait List.


Lake Committee

Troy Lesan reported the Lake Committee met Wed., April 6th with 5 members present.  Troy reported that future meetings will be held the second Wednesday of each month at 2 pm.  Troy said the Lake Committee will focus on roadside inspections of the lake this month vs. waterside inspections in May.   On a separate note, Troy reported he was contacted by Jeff Howard who’d like do his annual Anvil Shoot on the 4th of July this year.


Infraction Committee

Mike Booth reported the first Infraction Committee meeting will be April 30th at 9:30 am.


Dredge Committee

Shawn Hepinstall did a slide presentation illustrating the peninsula at the South End of lake in front of lots #299, 300, 301, 302, and 303 that the Dredge Committee has been discussing at length.  Shawn reported that Cathy (Managing Dir.) and Billy (Mntc Supervisor) had recently been contacted by the owner of lot 300, Eddy Watkins.  Eddy has been inquiring if he can remove the peninsula back to his lot, or remove just a section in the middle of the peninsula (a “pass-thru”) in front of his lot.  Eddy first said he would pay for the cost of removal, as he had a price quote for $40,000 to do so.  Eddy then approached Cathy about VVA sharing the cost of the peninsula removal by contributing $18,000.  Cathy told Eddy that the Dredge Committee and VVA would not be interested in cost-sharing.  The property survey pins of Eddy’s lot & neighboring lots are ALL in the peninsula, but do not run all the way through.  Shawn said the Dredge Committee has been on-site & measured the lot using the map & comparing it to the survey.  Shawn reported that the Dredge Committee’s recommendation is not to remove the peninsula, nor allow a hole to be cut in it, because the silt from the feeder creek nearby deposits silt all along the south side of this peninsula.  So removing the peninsula would allow the silt to instead deposit under the docks of lot owners #299 – 303.  Doug Winter made a motion to draft a letter from the Dredge Committee & Board of Directors stating that the removal of the peninsula will not be allowed.  Celeste Armanees seconded; motion passed.


Shawn reported that the Dredge Committee has also been contacted by members wanting to “clean out” the feeder creeks in front of their lots to widen them out—i.e. widen their water access from a mere sliver to more than that.  Shawn said soil erosion is the largest cause of silt entering the lake.  Shawn said the Dredge Committee will need help from the Board & from Safety to enforce the streambank stabilization rules in the Handbook.  Shawn said the feeder creeks are not wide enough nor deep enough for the dredge to get back in there, so it will silt back in without stabilization (rocked to prevent erosion into lake).


Managing Director Report

Road tubes:  Cathy Poindexter reported a new road tube has been installed at Community Area 18. While working in that area, Maintenance found another tube on the northside of Leeward that needs replaced in the near future.  She reported the tubes for replacement at Deer Run have been ordered.

Pool:  Cathy reported the pool has been repaired & will be painted next week.  Pool attendants have been hired, new chairs and chemicals have been ordered.

–New employee in Office:  Cathy introduced Debbie Thomas, hired to work 2 days/week in the Office.  Debbie is recently retired from a career in Hospital Admin/Billing Depts.

Insurance costs on fleet of equipment:  Cathy reported she is looking over the Association’s insurance policy, as the premium is $72,000 per year.  She is making sure that everything owned is insured, and if some piece of equipment is on the insured list that we no longer own, it will be removed.  Cathy also said the comp & collision deductibles were $250 & $500 but raised them to $1,000 to avoid having to submit a claim that would then raise our insurance rates even beyond the repair expense we’d incur. Cathy reported she has tasked Billy (Mntc Supervisor) to assess the Maintenance vehicle fleet, as the upkeep/insurance expense for the Maintenance fleet of vehicles is quite large.  Even our best trucks have cab corners, floor pans, brakes lines and beds that are rusted-out. Cathy said she and Billy are looking at keeping the most mechanically sound trucks & selling the rest (“shrink the fleet”).

Improvement sites around lake:  Cathy reported she has been out seeing areas of the lake to identify improvement needs.  Some of the shelters @ Beaches and Community Areas are rotten and need replaced.  The bathrooms @ Beaches and Campgrounds need repaired or replaced.  Cathy reported that new playground equipment is coming for Beach 2.  Repairs are going to be made at Beach 2 in an effort to stop the drainage issue on the east side of the beach.  Cathy said she and Shad meet every Wed. morning to answer questions & strategize solutions.  Cathy said Shad has trimmed trees on Lake Viking Terr behind Campground 2 & Mooney.  Shad has cleaned out the weir at Campground 2, and the weir on north side of the road at Pilot & Pirate.



Troy Lesan moved to approve the Financial Reports. Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.


Guest Time   


Guest RE: fishing regulations per state of MO:  Jacob O’Hare, Daviess County Conservation Agent, wanted to make the Board of Directors and membership aware that he will be making a presence at the lake this summer.  He will be checking fishing licenses & watching for compliance of other Dept of Conservation laws.   O’Hare reported that licenses, permits and rules can be found at  Their website includes rules such as:  All persons (age 16-64)  fishing must have a Fishing Permit & D.L. on their person to prove you’re a resident of Missouri to be fishing in MO waters.  If your driver’s license is out-of-state (not Missouri), you must purchase a Non-Resident Fishing Permit.  Both may be purchased @ LV Marina, or at their www. website.


Board Discussions

Marvin McNabb reported that he has a computer set up for new employee Debbie in the Office.  Marvin said he has an issue with cameras at the gates, so he has Mid-States and North MO Satellite assisting.  The cable at Beach 2 for cameras has been buried.


Updating account sign-off:  Allan Slavin made a motion to remove Mark Leggett from the BTC bank account and replace w/ new BOD member Doug Winter.  Remaining on the account are BOD members Tony Gronniger, Troy Lesan, Marvin McNabb, Celeste Armanees, Mike Booth and Allan Slavin.  Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.


Handbook proposed changes:  As Board contact for the Handbook Committee, Celeste Armanees presented the following:


Pg. 23    under Fences paragraph:

DELETE:  “Opaque fencing of property boundary lines is not permitted.  Opaque fencing for pet enclosures may be permitted depending on size & location, at the discretion of the Building Committee.”

REPLACE WITH:  “No solid material fence (wood, vinyl, plastic, etc.) is allowed on any member’s lot.  Maximum height of any fence is five (5) feet.  Invisible pet fencing is allowed.”   (Rest of paragraph remains as is.)

Reason:  Word “opaque” is vague, but still limits fencing so won’t block the scenic view of our lake community..

Celeste Armanees moved for proposed change on page 23.  Doug Winter seconded; motion passed.



Pg. 19  add under section “Building Permit Fee Schedule” 


CURRENT:      missing



No-Fee, but Permit required:  Firepit made of paving stone (not requiring equipment)

                                                    Stepping stone patio Paving stone patio (not requiring equipment)


$200 Permit Fee:   Shed, shelter, deck, dock shoreline work, bobcat work (add “or mini-excavator”)

    $250 Permit Fee:                Asphalt Driveway

$500 Permit Fee:                Concrete Driveway



Celeste Armanees moved for proposed changes on page 19. Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.


Pg. 38  new paragraph just before “Smoking”:

CURRENT:         none

PROPOSED:       Firearms:  Firearms are prohibited from all Association buildings.


Celeste Armanees moved on proposed change on page 38.  Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed w/ 4 yes votes & 2 no votes.


Pg. 35 top, under paragraph “ATVs, Golf Carts, Four-Wheelers & Any Motorized Conveyance”, add:

CURRENT:        (none)

PROPOSED:  ADD:   8)  Auxiliary lights that are forward-facing or rear-facing must be turned “off” after dark.  However, decorative-type lighting that is not blinding to other motorists is permissible–such as lighted flagpoles/whips, ground-effect lighting or similar “special effects” lighting.

Celeste Armanees moved for proposed change on page 35.  Doug Winter seconded; motion passed.


Pg. 38 in section   9-1-1 Addresses to Display, clarify a phrase & update a phone #:


  • CURRENT vs. PROPOSED: e)  “All docks must have lot number displayed on the lower right side of dock,    facing the water (“as viewed from the water”).


  • CURRENT (per recent BOD mtg):  f)  “All new home Building Permits are required to obtain the 9-1-1 address & post …  by calling the 9-1-1 Address Geo Comm @ 888-436-2666.  (rev Dec ’21)


REPLACE with:  “ … by calling the Daviess County 9-1-1 Office @ 660-663-4252.”


Celeste Armanees moved for proposed changes on page 38.  Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.




Note:  All the below changes were submitted by the Campground Committee and/or Campground Mgr.

Pg. 30 under Campground, in “General” paragraph: 

CURRENT vs. PROPOSED:   “The Campground License Lease Agreement must be signed (insert “annually”) and kept on file at the Association Office.”

Pg. 31 under Campground, in “Assignment of Camping Spots” paragraph: 

CURRENT:  “… the list maintained by the Association office.”

PROPOSED:   “… the Wait List maintained by the Campground Manager.”

Celeste Armanees moved for proposed changes on pages 30 and 31.  Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed.


Pg. 32 under Campground, paragraph “Unauthorized Use of Special Permit Vehicle in CG”, add:

CURRENT:  “ … Also, driver must have a (insert “valid”) license to operate the motorized vehicle.

ADD:  “Anyone not following the posted speed limit may be issued an infraction ticket.”


Pg. 32 under Campground, paragraph “Unauthorized Water Connection”, add:

DELETE:  All persons must remove the hose connections and close the proper hydrant after filling any water tanks.


REPLACE WITH:  “All persons must close the water hydrant valve when a member will be gone for 24 hours or more.  Violators may be issued an infraction ticket.”


Celeste Armanees moved for proposed changes on page 32.  Mike Booth seconded; motion passed.


Pg. 30 add new paragraph after “Assignment of Camping Spots” paragraph:

CURRENT:  (none)

ADD:             “UNOCCUPIED SITE:  Any campsite not occupied by an RV/camping unit for 3 months during the on-season (Mar.1-Oct.31) will be notified at 60 days that they have 30 days to occupy the site, else will forfeit the campsite w/ no refund.”


Reason:  There should be no empty campsites while dues-paying VVA members are on the CG Wait List.

Celeste Armanees moved for the proposed change on page 30.  Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.


Pg. 31 under Campground, in paragraph “Fees”, add:

CURRENT:   “… Full-time campers (insert “defined as those”) using their camp spot for more than 21 days in a given month shall MUST notify the (insert “Campground Manager or”) Association Office or Safety, and the member will pay an additional $65.00 per month camp fee.”

ADD:  “An infraction will be issued to members not reporting as full-time.”


Celeste Armanees moved for the proposed change on page 31.  Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed.


Pg. 31 currently under Mowing:


DELETE on pg. 31 under Mowing:

“Three (3) infractions in a single camping season, or four (4) infractions over any time period, shall result in expulsion from the Campground.”


REPLACE with (new paragraph, add just before MOWING paragraph):

“INFRACTIONS:  Three (3) infractions for any reason/violations in a single camping season, or four (4) infractions for any reason/violations in a 5-year period, will result in expulsion from the Campground w/ no refund.”


Reason:  Current rule under Mowing refers to Mowing infractions only.  Vs. new rule applies to any/all violations.

Celeste Armanees moved for proposed changes on page 31.  Mike Booth seconded; motion passed.



Pg. 32 under heading Unattended Electrical Usage:


CURRENT vs. PROPOSED:  Air conditioning units (insert “or heaters”) in campers must be turned off when a member will be gone for 24 hours or more.  Violators are subject to an infraction ticket.


Reason:  To reduce the $ CG fees that all CG members must pay to cover those who over-use electricity.


Celeste Armanees moved for proposed change on page 32.  Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.




Pg. Front Cover, under “2022 Handbook”:

CURRENT:      A Membership Lake

PROPOSED:   A Private Membership Lake


Celeste Armanees moved to add the word “Private” to front cover of Handbook.  Troy seconded; motion passed w/ 4 yes votes, 2 no votes.


Tony Gronniger stated the next order of business is to possibly move the start time of the monthly Board Meeting to earlier on a Sunday, to allow more members to attend & participate.  Celeste Armanees moved to change the Board of Directors’ regular meeting time from current 6:30 pm to 2 pm.  Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed.


The next Board of Directors’ meeting will be held May 15th @ 2 pm–not May 8th which is Mother’s Day.


Marvin McNabb made a motion to adjourn to Executive Session.  Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.


Attendees:  Mark & Stephanie Closterman, lot 1900; Peggy Lankford, lot 2591; Mary Aschbrenner, lot 306; Sue Morris, lot 332; Shawn & Paula Hepinstall, lot 543; Flint & Mary Hibler, lot S103; Doug & Resa Wiltse, lot 494; Robert Hayes, lot 389; Debbie Thomas, lot 2225.


Respectfully submitted,

Celeste Armanees, secretary

VVA Board of Directors