Conservation Agent Jaycob O’Hara from the Missouri Department of Conservation recently spoke at a board meeting. Key take aways from his discussion follow:

• Lake Viking is Classified as “Waters of the State”

• Anyone fishing on “Waters of the State” is required to have a fishing permit except:
– Anyone 15 years of age or younger
– Missouri Residents 65 years of age or older

• Nonresidents must purchase Nonresident Fishing Permits
– Nonresidents defined as – anyone who claims resident privileges in another state

• Fishing Permits and a Form of Identification must be on your person while fishing (Drivers Licenses, Official Domical, Voter or vehicle registration)

• Statewide Daily and Length limits apply
– Can be found online or in the Fishing Pamphlet

• Permits may be bought
– Online (
– Phone apps (Mo Hunting/ Mo Fishing)
– Retail Establishments (Walmart, Wall Street Gas Station, Like Viking Marina)

If you have any questions, feel free to call/text Conservation Agent Jaycob O’Hara at (660) 605-2893 or email at Jaycob.O’[email protected].

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