Call to Order

Tony Gronniger, lot 2281, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the clubhouse at 2:00pm. Board members present were:  Allan Slavin, lot 181; Marvin McNabb, lot 28; Mike Booth, lot 2380; Doug Winter, lot 46; Celeste Armanees, lot 62.  Allan Slavin led in prayer.  Cathy Poindexter led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Minutes

Celeste Armanees moved to approve the minutes of the April Board meeting. Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.


Handbook Committee  – no report

Finance Committee

Doug Winter reported:  Finance Committee member Paula Hepinstall is the new Chair, as John Kmetz has stepped down.  The line item for FICA income taxes is up because additional taxes had to be paid from the 2019, 2020, and 2021 tax years.  Great news that Viking Valley Association saved $70,000 this year by filing as a “C Corporation”, instead of filing as an HOA, due to the unusual taxable income (sale of Community Area lots, etc) we had in 2021.  Regarding the two Association-owned “S” lots for sale, we have not received any sealed bids yet—bid forms are at the Office.  Regarding VVA dues & assessments that were due by May 1st:  of our total 1,480 total members billed, 1,000+ members have paid, and 265 are in collections.

Strategic Planning Committee – no report

Activities Committee

Celeste Armanees reported:  The Cinco De Mayo party had a great turnout of about 100 people.  The upcoming Poker Run will be Sat., June 11th with check-in @ noon for the 1-4pm event.  The first 100 registrants will receive a T-shirt ordered to size; others choose from assortment of sizes.  Registration forms are at the Office.

Building Committee

Allan Slavin reported:  The Building Committee met three times in April & had 21 Building Permits, incl. 3 houses.  Also, Sue Morris is interested in serving on the Committee.  Allan Slavin moved to appoint Sue Morris to the Building Committee.  Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.

Fire Department

Tony Gronniger reported:  The Fire Dept had its monthly meeting, and tested the sirens.  The radio install for the Fire Dept & Safety Dept will be Mon., May 16th at 9am.

Campground Committee

Mike Booth reported:  The Campground Committee is sending out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to get price quotes on upgrading the electrical systems in both campgrounds.  Flint Hibler (Chair) reported the Campground Committee said Campers who are not in good standing with the Association (VVA dues paid) will be towed from the campgrounds.

Lake Committee

Celeste Armanees reported for Troy Lesan:  Roadside inspections have been done & letters sent out giving members 30-day notice to correct the issues found, to avoid an infraction.  Many members have thanked the Lake Committee for receiving this notice much sooner via a quick e-mail vs. snail-mail.  So if you aren’t already receiving from the Office their occasional emails on updates, helpful reminders, etc., please do yourself a favor & submit your email address to the Office at [email protected].  This will make our communication on all fronts much more efficient & timely.

Infraction Committee

Mike Booth reported:  The Infraction Committee met on April 30th and 16 infractions were upheld, 1 infraction was dismissed.

Dredge Committee

Doug Winter reported:  The stop logs have been poured at the silt basin, drain plates will be installed this week, and dredging should begin in June.

 Managing Director’s Report

Cathy Poindexter reported:  Chip & seal is now complete for the year.  Pool repairs are complete, so ready to open on Memorial weekend.  Maintenance area dump hours will be extended to new 2pm-5pm beginning Memorial weekend thru Labor Day weekend.  The new ’22 Handbook is at the printer for a draft copy to review prior to ordering copies for members.   Lastly, our Maintenance Dept’s fleet of vehicles & other equipment is being reviewed by Billy to determine what can be eliminated from the fleet, to reduce insurance and other costs.


Doug Winter moved to approve the Financial Reports.  Mike Booth seconded; motion passed.

Guest Time   

Guest #1:  Bo Steed discussed the sale of Association-owned lots.  Bo shared his concern with the Board that the increased sale of lots will increase the number of boats on the water.  Bo recommended that the Association stop selling lots due to the safety issues that increased boat traffic on busy weekends will impose.

Guest #2:  Tim Knapp discussed the cove he lives in known as “Party Cove”.  Tim is concerned with the number of boats that tie up or anchor to “cove out” there.  The cove is so congested that other boats cannot safely navigate around the people in the water.  Tim said there are times he & his neighbors cannot get their boat out of their docks, due to the congestion.

Guest #3:  Vernon Humphrey discussed the roads with the Board.  Vernon said Lake Viking Terrace near his house is rough due to the road not being prepped prior to the chip & seal.  Vernon said there were also some large holes on 165th Street that were not fixed prior to the chip & seal as well.

Board Discussions

The Board of Directors discussed the mowing of lots at the lake.  The individuals who come in to mow for hay each year will be allowed to continue doing this.  Janet VanWye will notify the Yacht Club members of this, as the Office will not be maintaining a hay list.

The Board of Directors discussed opening a money market account at BTC Bank in Gallatin, to transfer all but $225,000.00 out of the BTC checking account into a money market account that will draw 0.6% interest.  Doug Winter moved to open a money market account at BTC Bank in Gallatin & designate Managing Dir. Cathy Poindexter to do so.  Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.

Adjourn:  Marvin McNabb moved to adjourn to Executive Session.  Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed.

Attendance:  Billy Hunter, Head of Maintenance; Rusty Hendricks, lot S137;  Vernon Humphrey, lot MH122; Robert Walton,  lot 217; Jason Kissire, lot 300; Donna Smith, lot 345; Sue Morris, lot 332; Phil Carnivale, lot 1193; Greg Hall, lot 483; Janet VanWye, lot 391; Randall & Rosanna Davidson, lot 1222; Flint Hibler, lot 1152; Kevin Wayne, lot 1221; Tim Knapp, lot 433; Mark & Stephanie Closterman, lot 1900; Jim Hausman, lot 84; Bo Steed, lot 444; Jeremy Lillig, lot 304; Don Leeper, lot 22; Kathy Price, lot 154; Gina Saunders, lot 3081.

Respectfully submitted,

Celeste Armanees, secretary

VVA Board of Directors