by Safety Director Jason McTheney

The Safety Department is gearing up for another busy summer. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of a couple of rules that have been in the handbook for years.

My staff has been proactively stickering watercraft for members as quickly as possible. We understand that each member wants to enjoy the lake and it is easy to forget about updating the stickers on your watercraft. Please remember the handbook says your watercraft must have the current year sticker before the watercraft is allowed on the lake. You can comply with this rule by simply calling the safety cell phone at (660) 663-9185 before you launch your watercraft. My team will either respond to your dock or make other arrangements to get your watercraft stickered as quickly as possible.

Another rule my staff will be closely monitoring this summer is the use of membership cards and guest passes. Each membership card covers the actual member(s). Member(s) are people who own a lot. The membership card also covers every unmarried child under the age of 21, who still resides in the home of the member. Each member may have unlimited guests, provided the member is physically with their guest.
Members also get two guest passes. The guest passes are for members to allow guests to enjoy the lake without the presence of the member. Guest passes are good for one family, and guests cannot bring additional guests. A family is defined as two parents and any children under the age of 21. Please understand that the member is responsible for the actions of their guest, regardless of the member’s presence. It is imperative that members and guest have the cards with them. Members and guests are required to present the cards when asked by safety, so please always carry the cards with you. If my staff cannot verify your identity and you don’t have your cards, you will be asked to leave.

The Safety Department is looking forward to a busy and safe summer at the lake. Please help us obtain our goal of promoting voluntary compliance with the handbook.

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