Call to Order

Board Pres. Tony Gronniger, lot 2281, called the meeting to order at 2:02pm, held in the upper level of the clubhouse.  Board members present were:   Allan Slavin, lot 181; Doug Winter, lot 46; Troy Lesan, lot 576; Celeste Armanees, lot 62.   Not present were Board members:  Marvin McNabb, lot 28; Mike Booth, lot 1259.  Troy Lesan led the group in prayer.  Cathy Poindexter led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Tony Gronniger read the Lake Viking Mission Statement.

Approval of Minutes

Celeste Armanees moved to approve the minutes of May’s Board meeting.  Doug Winter seconded; motion passed.


Handbook Committee

Celeste Armanees reported:   The new ‘22 Handbook is at the printer & can be picked up in the Office in late July.

Finance Committee

Doug Winter reported on the following items:

  • Morgan Stanley: Morgan Stanley accounts are in good shape overall.  As you recall, due to the extremely volatile stock market lately, we moved almost all of our stock market investments into more stable Money Market accounts, to alleviate further losses & preserve value—except  $145,887 remains in a stock market account, which is down $4,100 YTD.  Paula Hepinstall (Finance Committee Chair) clarified that this $4,100 is UNrealized losses, if & when this stock were to be sold in the current “down” stock market, but instead we are waiting for the market to stabilize before selling.
  • Sally Zerbe asked about Morgan Stanley buckets 4 & 5, as these are new on the financial statements. Troy Lesan responded that buckets 4 & 5 were created by Westbrook CPAs for record-keeping purposes (since we withdrew our stock market monies, except for this $145,000 amount we put into other less-risky stock market funds, so simply re-named these “new” stock funds as buckets 4 & 5).
  • Sally Zerbe asked, what are undeposited funds? Cathy Poindexter answered that the credit card payments are swept into the books once a month, so are not deposited daily like cash/checks received in the Office are.
  • Doug Winter reported that “S” lot #101 sold–proceeds will be used to improve the beaches. There is one additional “S” lot #131 not sold during the LV members’ bidding period, so will now be offered for sale to the public through a realtor.
  • Doug indicated the overall budget is better than expected. Revenues are slightly below budget projections, due to delayed payments of current-year lake dues.

Strategic Planning Committee

Tony Gronniger reported:  The Board has requested that the Committee generate a new 5-year plan for the Lake.

Activities Committee

Mary Hibler (Chair) reported:

  • The Poker Run held June 11th was much fun for the 354 persons attending, with no incidents. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this such a successful event. Monies will be used for bands at events later this year.
  • Mary asked the Board if a Craft Bazaar could be held on the 2nd of July in the Safety/Office parking lot, due to many recent inquiries. The Board approved.  These outdoor booths will be marked with chalk.  Anyone interested in having one of the total 12-15 booths available may contact the Activities Committee.
  • Next event is Patio Party w/ “Now & Then” band on Sat., June 25th @ 8-11pm.

Building Committee   

Allan Slavin reported:  In the past month, the committee has reviewed 17 permits, and 3 permits for houses.

Fire Department   

Tony Gronniger reported:   The Fire Dept has met, and made repairs.  Testing was done.

Campground Committee:

Flint and Mary Hibler (CG Managers) reported:

  • On the CG Wait List are: 3 for 50-amp spaces, 6 for 30-amp spaces, and 3 for CG #2.
  • New breakers have been installed, since we had problems with existing ones
  • Managers expressed they want to fence around the CG dumpster. They are looking at privacy fencing for this project.

Lake Committee   

Troy Lesan reported:

  • Shoreline inspections were completed last week.
  • Zebra Mussel detectors have been checked; no Zebra Mussels were found. Approx 42 Zebra Mussel detectors were put out a few years ago–30 of those remain in service.  Individuals can put these in the lake themselves on their property, by cutting a 1-foot-long piece of 1” or 1½” diameter PVC pipe, then submerge the pipe 3-4” deep in the lakewater.  To check monthly or so for zebra mussels, simply run your hand over the pipe.  Any zebra mussels will stick to the pipe & feel very rough/sharp to the touch.
  • Troy indicated that rip-rap rock can be added to firm up the shoreline to prevent erosion. He recommends re-evaluating to see if more rip-rap needs to be added to your shoreline.

Infraction Committee 

  • Meeting was held June 11th to review 27 total Infraction Tickets–2 were dismissed, 25 were litigated and assessed fines.
  • Revenue generated was $2,920.

Dredge Committee  

Shawn Hepinstall reported:

  • Dredging started again the week of June 6th.
  • Shawn presented a sample of water taken during the dredging process: In a mere 4 days, the water goes from brown & muddy & sludgy … to almost clear.  The heavy sludge settles to the bottom, so the cleaner water floats to the top & runs over to the next pond during this approx 4-day process.

Guest:   Eagle Scout Project Presentation    

Beckett DuPriest (in his Eagle Scout uniform) presented to the Board & guests his proposed Eagle Scout Project.  Beckett is proposing that Ripple Glass Co. place 1 of their big purple collection bins (seen all around Kansas City) to provide a glass recycling service for Lake Viking members.  The collection bin would be located in the parking lot by the Safety Dept, as a visible reminder for members to recycle all types of glass, clean or dirty.   There will be no cost to the Lake for this service, as recycling glass is more profitable right now than recycling most other materials.  Doug Winter commented that he has used Ripple Glass Recycling and they do a great job–they are a great company to work with.

The Board unanimously approved the project, and thanked Beckett & the Eagle Scout program for this!

Managing Director’s Report   

Cathy Poindexter (LV Managing Director) reported:

  • Several pieces of machinery no longer used by Maintenance were auctioned off at the Gallatin Industrial Park. This raised $52,000 which will be used to replace Mntc. equipment and tools as needed.  Prior to the auction, a skid steer was also sold.  Cathy is already adjusting insurance coverage, as these sold items are deleted from our fleet.
  • Cathy purchased a dock w/ lift for $11,000 for use by Safety. This dock will be near Community Area 16 for Safety’s 2nd boat (the smaller one).  This smaller boat is used for moving pipe used in the dredging area, moving the dredge, etc.
  • Speed bumps have arrived & will be placed strategically around the lake to slow traffic. Signs will also be placed where the speed bumps are added.
  • The advertising sign at the corner of Otter & Hwy DD will need to be replaced per Cathy’s discussion with realtor David Sandy, because Kyle Parkhurst has since retired and is still shown on the sign. Cathy reported that David Sandy indicated there was some kind of cost-sharing of the sign in the past.  Sally Zerbe added some helpful info from past history, stating there was originally a handshake deal between the Froman family & the Lake, in exchange for the lease on the corner.  That generation has since passed and ownership is now different.  Cathy will look into this.
  • Fireworks Display is set for July 2nd festivities. Cathy has confirmed the show date/time with the company providing the fireworks, and the cost of the show has been paid in full.
  • Mowing of Association-owned lots: We are behind on mowing, as we do not have enough staff to keep up with all our lots.  The Mntc. Dept. has Nick Walker, Monte, and Tanner King all mowing full-time, and still are not keeping up.  Members have been expressing concern that they will receive Infraction Tickets for not mowing their own lots.  Members have also questioned about Association lots not being mowed.  The only mowing Infraction Tickets which have been issued this year have been in the Campgrounds.  We do have 2 farmers who will be mowing & bailing only the  large open areas around the Lake, for its free hay.  Hence, there is no cost to the Lake for hay-ing.
  • Maintenance Dept. has two new seasonal positions to be filled–1 full-time & 1 part-time.
  • Cathy reported an incident which occurred with the new Conservation Agent when he did not wait for our Safety staff to “hot wash” his boat, yet he still entered onto the lake. So his gate card has been deactivated.  He is welcome on the lake, but must follow the rules (get a “hot wash”) to prevent zebra mussels from other lakes from entering our lake.
  • Roll-off dumpsters will be placed at beaches & campgrounds to control trash, which is currently being littered on the lake property.


Approval of Financial Statements   

Doug Winter moved that Financial Statements be approved.  Seconded by Troy Lesan; motion passed.

Guest Time

  1. Ryan and Erin Christensen, lot 78: Submitted a request to place an additional buoy in the water at the corner of their lot (turn-in area for the cove) for the safety of children.  Often they have many children in the water around their dock.  But the way the curve around their lot is situated, the corner is cut too sharply and could result in a child being injured.   A motion was made by Troy Lesan to allow placement of the additional buoy.  Seconded by Allan Slavin; motion passed.
  2. Andy Quarnstrom, lot 373: Submitted the question, “Has any thought been given about the wakeboats and the related problems?”  Tony Gronniger indicated this issue is a work in progress.  Celeste Armanees stated the Board knows that wakeboats impact our members’ safety especially in narrow coves, but the Board has not yet decided the best way to address the issue.  Currently there are no restrictions on wakeboats/surfboats.

Troy Lesan made a motion to restrict wakeboats to the main channel only.  Motion was seconded by Doug Winter.  However, this motion and second were retracted … after other members in attendance voiced their concern that if we ban wakeboats in coves, that merely means a MAJOR increase in wakeboats’ damage to shoreline for main channel lot owners & to VVA-owned beaches, community areas, etc.

Jason McTheeney (Safety Mgr) spoke of a Feb. 2022 study done by Univ. of Minnesota, which indicates that 500 feet MORE surface water is needed vs. traditional boats, for the waves created by wakeboats to dissipate.  The energy generated by the wave is 3 times greater than a regular boat’s wave (to support a surfer on the wave behind it).  It has been shown that the increased intensity of the waves is causing expensive damage to docks & to shoreline around the lake.  The question was raised asking if there could be potential damage to the dam?  Jason indicated there are about 12 of these wakeboats at Lake Viking as of this year.  The Board agreed this issue needs to be addressed, after further discussion.


Allan Slavin moved to adjourn to Executive Session.  Seconded by Celeste Armanees; motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned at 3:15pm … to discuss Legal, organizational & personnel issues–especially the recent resignation of our Managing Director, effective 6/17/22.


Doug & Resa Wiltse, lot 494; Gary & Nancy Salmon, lot 202; Sally Zerbe, lot 2045; Sue Morris, lot 332; Mary Aschbrenner, lot 306; Peggy Lankford, lot 2591; Erin Christensen, lot 78; Bud & Connie Hines, lot 596; Shawn & Paula Hepinstall, lot 543; Andy & Jane Quarnst, lot 373; Flint & Mary Hibler, lot 1152; Beckett Dupriest, Fletcher Dupriest, lot 58.

Respectfully submitted,

Celeste Armanees, secretary

VVA Board of Directors

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