This social media platform is a tremendous communication tool for Viking Valley Association Members, but it is to be used within the parameters of the “Policy.” As a condition of acceptance to the page members agree to adhere to this policy which can be found on the right hand side of the page. An overwhelming percentage of membership uses this page according to “Policy” guidelines. On a daily basis, members post on everything from inquiries about local vendors or merchants, food trucks, help finding plumbers, electricians, a repairman, questions about watercraft, boat-docks, and lawn care specialists or even lost dogs or cats. There have even been instances where members were broken down on the interstate and posted appeals for help which were answered immediately by other members. Many members are not full-time residents and are rightfully concerned about severe weather at the lake. Those questions are usually answered immediately by other members. The VVA Office will also post general information such as road closures, lake closures, office hours and employment opportunities.

That being said, this page is not the official administrative arm of the Viking Valley Association. It’s not the “complaint desk,” and was never designed as such. Therefore, the page is not the place for criticisms of other members, staff, Safety, Board of Directors, Building Committee or Infraction Committee, which are in violation of “Policy.” Nor is the Facebook “messenger” an accepted administrative avenue for VVA business. Viking Valley employees value their personal time just as anyone else does. Viking Valley business, other than timely and informative announcements, will not be conducted on the Lake Viking Facebook page or by Facebook Messenger. The greeting on our office phone has options that will direct callers to the proper administrative channels. This newspaper has contained up to date listings of Board Members and Committee Members for decades. And . . . always call 911 for emergency situations.