Call to Order
Mike Booth, lot #1259, and Interim Board President for July, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the clubhouse at 2:00 p.m. Board members present were: Marvin McNabb, lot #28; Troy Lesan, lot #576; Doug Winter, lot #46; Allan Slavin, lot #181; Celeste Armanees, lot #62; George Eshnaur, lot #505. Celeste Armanees led in prayer. Tony Gronniger led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mike Booth explained that following the resignation last month of our Managing Director, our then-Board President Tony Gronniger graciously resigned his seat on the Board, to replace her by becoming Interim Managing Director (Lake Manager). Hence, Mike welcomed George Eshnaur as our new Board member. George received the next highest number of votes among candidates for the Board at the Annual Meeting held in March. Per the VVA Handbook By-Laws (pg.10), this person automatically takes any open seat on the Board.
Annette Mathenia was introduced as the new VVA Office Manager (part-time).

Approval of Minutes
Celeste Armanees moved to approve the June 2022 Board Meeting Minutes with a small change: In the Managing Director’s report regarding the sign at DD & Otter, change the words “David Sandy, realtor” to “David Sandy, owner of Lake Viking Sales.” Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed.


Handbook Committee
Celeste Armanees indicated there was one proposed rule change, which would be discussed later in the meeting.

Finance Committee
Doug Winter reported that the Financial Reports were received a few hours before the Finance Committee meeting. Doug stated there were no surprises in the Financial Reports & we are ahead of budget for the year. We have a CD at BTC Bank coming due which is marked for Clubhouse repair and improvement. Sale proceeds of both Association-owned “S” lots are marked for improvement to the beaches and bathrooms. Administrative costs are over-budget, so Doug Winter and Paula Hepinstall are working on a plan to lower these costs.

Strategic Planning Committee
Kenny Southwick (Chair) said they are reviewing the adopted Strategic Plan for next steps to be taken. Members will be on vacation for most of July & August, so will work on the plan when they return.

Activities Committee
Celeste Armanees reported the next Patio Party is Saturday, July 23 from 8-11 p.m. with local bands–the band “One Way Out” will open for the band “Split Decision”.

Building Committee
Allan Slavin reported the Committee reviewed 22 Building Permits in the last month–including one being a house. Most of the 22 permits were for shoreline & erosion control.

Fire Department
Tony Gronniger reported that the sirens were repaired and are working. The giant “water spout” from our firetruck on July 4th was a big hit among the many boats driving underneath it. The Fire Deptartment meets monthly.

Campground Committee
Mike Booth reported that both Campgrounds were full over the 4th of July weekend with more children than he has seen in a long time! The Committee has received one bid on replacing the campground electrical system, and is awaiting additional bids to review. Speed bumps have been installed in Campground #1. The speed limit is 5 mph. They would like to add 1 or 2 additional speed bumps this winter. The Campground Wait List has 10 people waiting for spots in Campground #1.

Lake Committee
Troy Lesan reported several non-compliance notices have been sent to members. These exceptions include lot numbers not on docks and in particular new docks. There are also still lots without a 9-1-1 address. Also, they have seen a burst of growth in weeds and brush along shorelines. The next meeting is July 13th. Comment was made that the shoreline beauty has not been better. Also noted was that your rip-rap rock should be checked on shoreline to ensure it is not washing into the lake.

Managing Director’s Report
Tony Gronniger (interim Managing Director) reported that work is being done to provide Carl Hughes road access to his properties at lots #403, 404, 405. We will use our Maintenance Department for this project.
Tony reported that the 4th of July celebration was very successful & the fireworks were beautiful.
He also reported the lake was very busy over the 4th weekend, with very few incidents or infractions.
Our Maintenance Dept. has sold excess equipment (much of it old); the funds received from this sale will be used to upgrade other Maintenance equipment as needed.
Per Tony Gronniger and Doug Winter, we have received many resumes applying for the Managing Director position. These have been pared down to 6 resumes for review including several qualified candidates.

Doug Winter moved that the Financial Reports be accepted as presented. Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed. Allan Slavin moved to remove Cathy Poindexter from all financial accounts & replace with Annette Mathenia, the newly hired Office Manager. Doug Winter seconded; motion passed.

Guest Time
Airport Lot S131
Eric Renner, airport lot #S-131, had earlier submitted a request for an easement on his lot to enable better movement of aircraft to & from the runway. The Board received this proposal a few weeks ago, and at today’s meeting agreed that an easement is not necessary, as Allan Slavin indicated the adjacent grassy Community Area nearby can be used instead, to move an airplane to & from the runway. Mr. Renner, indicated he felt the drain would need to be raised. The Board instructed him to work with the Building Committee on any request. He was also asked to work with the Interim Managing Director on any other needed changes.


Housekeeping services: The prior employee has resigned, so we need either a professional company or an individual to provide these services to keep the bathrooms clean at the beaches, Campgrounds, Clubhouse, and Office. Ads have been placed to hire either a company or an individual to provide this service.

Proposed Rule to Handbook
Celeste Armanees prefaced the Wake Surf proposed Rule, saying this proposed Rule is the Board’s response to a VVA member who submitted a request to be a scheduled Guest on last month’s Board Meeting agenda to ask “What is the Board doing about wakeboats & the related problems?” So, in response to this member who had 5 minutes. Guest time & the ensuing discussion at last month’s Board meeting, Celeste Armanees (Board contact for the Handbook Committee) moved to discuss the following proposed Rule:
pg. 28 (of new ‘22 Handbook) after paragraph “Excessive Wake”, add the proposed new rule:
SURFING: Surfing and/or “plowing” (that which maintains an excessive wake sufficient to support a surfer) behind any watercraft is prohibited.
Attendees’ Comments on Surf/Wakeboats (pros & cons):
1. John Kmetz, lot 73 (former Chair of our Finance Committee): There are many assumptions & not enough facts–such as silting, damage to docks, etc. The water displacement is not much different: a surfboat vs. having 4 big guys in a boat with a cooler. We need reasonable rules to keep everyone safe.

  1. Sue Morris, lot 332: She is for the motion to not allow surfing on Lake Viking. For example, part of her walkway washed off with the large waves. She suggested grandfathering in existing surfboats, but allowing no additional surfboats on the lake.

  2. Kevin Wayne, lot 1221: His family has logged 800 hours of surfing. Need 15 ft. water depth under the boat for surfing. Needs to be in the middle of the lake. Surfboaters get irritated with tubers & vice versa. The surfing wake is shaped differently for surfer to use. Surfers are not trying to damage docks. Surfers do not want to be in the coves.

  3. Shawn Hepinstall, lot 543 (Chair of LV Dredge Committee): Our lake has a capacity issue—it is too small for surfing. Wakeboats use baffle plates to create a larger wave to surf the wave. His concern is for our dam: The “pound-force per square foot” of pressure from a surfboat is 2500-2800 lbs … vs… 1800 lbs from a ski boat. Also, 600 ft. distance is needed to get zero energy from a surfboat wake. In the past 3 years, we’ve seen a great increase in the size of waves on the lake. Other big boats cause huge waves too, so it’s not just surfboats. Surfing in coves stirs up silt. Lake Viking is just too small for surfing.

  4. Tom Rice, lot 343: The Board should contact the Water Sports Industry Association, which is a private enterprise that’s worked with State Legislatures & Boards on issues with watercraft. Their Government Affairs Liaison will meet with and help solve problems—e.g. seminars are provided for wakeboat owners to attend. The Univ. of Minnesota study concluded that operating w/ full ballast or empty ballast had little impact on wave height. WSIA (Water Sports Industry Assoc) recommends wakeboats keep 200 ft distance from docks. Vs. for standard boats, Missouri state law says 100 ft away from docks, but our Handbook says 75 ft. Why aren’t we complying with MO state law?

  5. Dan Ackart, lot 316: There is only 5 ft. deep water where his house is on the lake. So the wakeboats by his house are not in 15 ft. deep water as they should be when surfing. And the wakeboats are not 200 ft. away from the dock.

  6. Paul Seibold, lot 613: He’s lived 40+ years at Lake Viking, but only in the last 3 years has he seen a big increase in such large waves on the lake. He sustained $2,300 damage due to a surfboat creating a large wave, which pushed his boat under his dock as they were coming in to dock. It also caused his grandson to be thrown off the boat. Our lake is a great community, but this lake is too small for wakeboats.

  7. Robert Walton, lot 217: Can all surfers surf on the wakeboat’s left-side (so the large wave goes away from shoreline)? Plowing should be banned.

  8. John Wright, lot 532: Need common-sense rules & need Safety to consistently enforce them. Docks are older & big V-boats/ski boats cause damage to docks too. We need to share the lake together. He hates to see surfboats kicked off the lake–feels property value will drop.

  9. Troy & Kris Knight, lot 504: They surf in the large part of the lake at the north end. At mid-day, the water is not good for surfing, so they come off the water. There are a lot more watercraft on the lake as it has grown. Responsible surfing is not tearing up docks.

  10. Markay August, lot 349: Waves were high last weekend, which happens on most weekends & damage can be significant. But early morning surfing is a fun family sport. Keep the lake safe.

  11. Randy Tague, lot 57 (part-owner of Lake Viking Marine): Docks are less than 6% of Marina income; surfboats are just over 6% of Marina income. Let’s take fact-based info from both sides, study the problem, and decide what’s good for the lake. Need more enforcement of rules by Safety Patrol—espec. of plowing, though it’s hard to enforce.

  12. Natalie Amalani, lot 1175: How many tickets are given for boats too close to docks? Surfing in coves should result in tickets if boats are too close. Her kids love the waves. Remember when it is time to vote for representation on issues & show your support or opposition by voting.

  13. Joseph Steer, lot 690: This lake needs an on-line course in Boater Awareness 101, Boater Etiquette 101, and Boater Education 101.

Summary of the process: Board Pres. for this meeting, Mike Booth, reiterated: This was the preliminary “first reading” to open up discussion on the motion to potentially ban surfing vs. allow surf/wakeboats on the lake. This proposed rule must go through a “second reading” (possibly a revised version) with a vote in order to be a final approval. This “first reading” on the motion to prohibit wake surfing passed with 5 “yea” votes from the Board & 1 “nay” vote by George Eshnaur.

Please do NOT overload the Office by calling or emailing the Office with comments on surf/wakeboats. Instead, send e-mail to: [email protected], which will then be forwarded to all Board members.

Troy Lesan moved to adjourn to Executive Session–to discuss Legal, personnel, and Board organizational matters. Allan Slavin seconded; motion passed. Board meeting was adjourned at 3:35pm.

An estimated 100+ VVA members attended this monthly Board meeting, too many to list here. A copy of the Sign-In Sheet is available at the Office for review.

Respectfully submitted,
Celeste Armanees, secretary
VVA Board of Directors

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