Call to Order
Board President Marvin McNabb, lot 28, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the Clubhouse, at 2:00pm. Board members present were: Troy Lesan, lot 576; Doug Winter, lot 46; Allan Slavin, lot 181; George Eshnaur, lot 505; Celeste Armanees, lot 62. Not present was Mike Booth, lot 2380. Troy Lesan led in prayer. Tony Gronniger, interim Managing Director, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Marvin welcomed new Lake Viking Managing Director Jeff Ferguson to the meeting.

Troy Slagle of Grundy Electric Cooperative (GEC), Inc. was introduced who spoke regarding installation of Internet services at Lake Viking & also in the city of Altamont, MO. GEC is seeking letters of support for the project to prove there is a need for enhanced/improved service. So far, they have 150-200 letters from individuals in the community supporting this project. Missouri is again this year offering grants for projects such as this, to provide Internet service to under-served rural areas. Forms will be at the Association office if anyone wishes to sign a form in support of the project. This project is expected to take 6-12 months to complete. The estimated cost is $5 million for the entire project, with Lake Viking’s portion being $2 million to be paid by the state of Missouri’s grant. Mr. Slagle indicated it will be year-end before they know if the project will go forward.

Approval of Minutes
Allan Slavin made a motion to approve the August 2022 Board Meeting Minutes. Seconded by Doug Winter; motion passed.


Handbook Committee Report
Celeste Armanees reported: There are 3 proposed Rule changes, which will be discussed later in the meeting.

Finance Committee Report
Doug Winter reported: Most of the items in today’s Finance Committee Report are housekeeping items. Jeff Ferguson was again recognized as the new VVA Managing Director, who starts September 12th. Doug reported we will be changing from Westbrook to UH1 for our financial reporting & tax filing, at a considerable cost savings per month. On October 1st, we will switch payroll processing from Westbrook to A Payroll Company, also at a cost savings. We have also signed a contract with HOA software company Condo Control with a projected go-live date on January 1, 2023. Today we will make motions to update names on the investment & bank accounts to allow new employees access. The first motion was made by Doug Winter to add Doug Winter to the Morgan Stanley account as co-authority for action on the account. Seconded by Troy Lesan; motion passed. The next motion was made by Doug Winter regarding access to the BTC account to remove Tony Gronniger, and add Jeff Ferguson and George Eshnaur. Seconded by Tony Gronniger; motion passed. The next change was to add Annette Mathenia, Jeff Ferguson and Doug Winter to have on-line access to the BTC account. Motion was made by Troy Lesan. Seconded by George Eshnaur; motion passed. The final motion was made by Doug Winter to approve the Financial Reports. Seconded by George Eshnaur; motion passed.

Strategic Planning Committee
George Eshnaur reported: The Strategic Planning Committee is in the process of being reconfigured, and they are looking for new and existing Board members to be a part of the new committee. George will be the Board contact on the committee. He stated he expects to have a full report at next month’s Board meeting.
Kenny Southwick (Committee Chair) stated that the 5-Year Strategic Plan was presented & approved by the Board in 2020. Kenny brought copies of the 5-Year Plan to give to the Board for review and revision. He read off the Plan’s Mission/Vision Statement & Strategic Goals & Objectives.

Activities Committee
Celeste Armanees reported: The Fishing Tournament will be September 17th. We are also having a Wine Festival & Beer ‘n Brats combined event on October 8th. Fee is $20 per person. There will be vendors on site.

Building Committee
Allan Slavin reported: The Building Committee reviewed 15 permits in the month of August, one of those being a house.

Fire Department Committee
Tony Gronniger reported: The Fire Dept meets monthly, and the meeting time has changed to Friday mid-afternoon. The next meeting will be Oct. 7th. The Fire Dept has requested a bid on placing a fire hydrant on the Goose Court lots, to ensure there is sufficient water supply should they have to fight a fire.

Campground Committee:
Mary Hibler reported: The Campgrounds have a wait list of 3 for 30-amp spaces & 3 for 50-amp spaces. Mary reported one individual wanted to pay for replacing the wooden fence in front of the ladies’ shower/restrooms, so this project has been completed. Mary mentioned installing fences in Campground #1 to keep trash from blowing. The RFPs for replacing the electrical grid in the Campgrounds: Mary reported that Farmers Electric told them after the 7/4/22 electrical problems, the fixes were just a band-aid, that a complete re-wire was needed. Flint Hibler stated we have 1 bid for electrical wiring replacement & a 2nd bid pending.

Lake Committee
Troy Lesan reported: There have been 2 inspection sessions on the lake involving 2 boats in the water. The committee will meet one more time next week, to check for zebra mussels & check lots.

Managing Director’s Report
Tony Gronniger (interim Managing Director) reported:
— Work is being done to provide Carl Hughes access to lots #403, 404, 405 is progressing — tree limbs have been removed. The first lot has been rocked; the other two lots will be rocked in the next few months. We are in the process of getting deeds amended to include right-of-way specifications.
— There was an accident with our dump truck, which became mired then rolled. The damage from the accident is $18,000. We have a $1,000 deductible on our insurance policy & we will be purchasing the wrecked truck back for $1,500. So the insurance check for the claim will be net of the deductible & buy-back amount for the wrecked truck or $15,500. We will be fixing this truck to use to transport dredge material across the road.
— The new gate in Maintenance Area is mostly installed, with cameras & electricity installed next.
— The Clubhouse septic system is being evaluated. Perk tests will be done around the playground area.
— The 4 surf buoys have been received & need to be re-labeled.

Board Discussion

Celeste Armanees (Board contact for Handbook Committee) presented on 3 proposed Rule changes to the Handbook:
1. Finalize the Wakesurfing Rule
2. # watercraft per member, and
3. 911 Address change.

The 1st Rule to vote on … was to finalize the Wake Surf Rule in Handbook at end of Water Rules & Regulations section (pg. 31). At last month’s Board meeting, we approved a new Wake Surfing rule (in non-boldface below), and we promised to follow up with a few clarifications/tweaks (in boldface below) that we’ll vote on today. The changes to the Wake Surfing Rule are: #1 added a definition, #3 on surfer safety, and #6 on Zebra Mussels.”

WAKE SURFING: Effective August 24, 2022 there is a freeze on additional wakesurf boats at Lake Viking. Only wakesurf boats already on the lake as of the above date are allowed, with the following restrictions:

1. Definition: A wakesurf boat is any boat designed or altered to intentionally create a large wake for surfing. This typically includes the drive system, apparatus such as Hydrofoils, Trim Tabs, Wake Shapers and Ballasts — whether factory-installed or aftermarket.

  1. NO additional wakesurf boats are allowed — whether new purchase nor replacement. Also, no boat of any kind shall be modified or retrofitted with a wave or surf device.

  2. Wakesurfing shall only be performed behind a direct-drive inboard-type watercraft, in which the propeller is located under the keel of the boat. For safety of surfer, wakesurfing is prohibited behind boats with an inboard/outboard motor, or an outboard motor.

  3. Wakesurfing is restricted to the main channel & near the center of the channel, as marked by 4 wakesurf buoys. ALL wakesurfing must be within / inside these “buoy boundaries.” Direction of travel is counter-clockwise consistent with normal lake traffic.

  4. Water bladders or other watercraft weight-enhancement devices must be filled & emptied within the “buoy boundaries” described above. This rule applies to all watercraft that have wave-enhancing devices, whether wakesurfing or not.

  5. Zebra mussels: If used outside Lake Viking waters, a thorough hotwash of boat & especially its water bladders (that easily hide zebra mussels) must be performed by Lake Viking staff, and any boat with water bladders must be quarantined for 21 days.

  6. Wakesurf boats already authorized on Lake Viking may not be sold to another Lake member for use on Lake Viking. If a property is sold with a wakesurf boat, that boat will not be authorized to use the lake.

  7. Any violation of the above wakesurfing rules is subject to maximum $500 fine.

Motion was made by Celeste Armanees to make these changes in the Handbook. Seconded by Troy Lesan; motion passed unanimously.

The 2nd Rule to vote on … was the number of watercraft per member household, to change from current 3 to proposed 2. Grandfather clause for current members to keep 3 permanently (Handbook pg. 27-28).
Proposed rule:
UNAUTHORIZED WATERCRAFT: Add “Grandfather clause for members prior to Sept. 21, 2022 allows up to three (3) motorized watercraft. After Sept. 21, 2022, all new members are limited to two (2) motorized watercraft. When a current lot owner sells or otherwise transfers the property including watercraft to new owners, then the limit of two (2) watercraft takes effect upon sale or transfer of the property.”
Then after the above new intro to the paragraph, change rest of paragraph & its examples to: “three (3)” change to “two (2) motorized watercraft.”

Discussion ensued and Kenny Southwick, lot 381, commented he did not think this was fair to not involve lake owners in this decision, as he felt it could lower their property values. Troy Lesan answered that the structure of the VVA Handbook is such that general boating rules do not go before a full membership for approval but are Board decisions voted on in monthly meetings.
Motion was made by Celeste Armanees to make these changes in the Handbook. Seconded by Allan Slaven; motion passed unanimously.

The 3rd Rule to vote on … was regarding “911 Addresses & Lot Numbers” being posted. This rule change was submitted by the VVA Safety Dept.

Proposed Rule change on Handbook pg. 39:
Intro: Main purpose is for members’ safety—instead of a sign that currently reads e.g. “222 111” this rule would require the word “Lot” to precede the lot’s numbers, so easier for emergency personnel to quickly distinguish the street number from the lot number, in an emergency situation. This would require some members to add the word “Lot” to their sign.


a) All dwelling owners (of houses, mobile homes, and dwellings of similar construction) may “shall” have their street address “911 street numbers” & lot number(s), “with the word ‘Lot’ spelled out,” prominently displayed, so both are clearly visible from the roadway, in case of a 9-1-1 emergency. “(Example: 4515 Lot 840)”
b) Lettering and numbering needs to be at least 3 inches high “tall”, and sign colors need to be contrasting colors so the sign is easily read, ”and reflective signage would be most prudent.”
c) Owners having multiple adjoining lots may include all lot numbers on the sign at the principal residence.
d) Lots with “dwellings and/or” structures (shelters, sheds, boat or swimming docks, decks, etc.) must “shall” have their lot number(s) prominently displayed, so it is clearly visible from the water (on lakefront lots) and from the roadway.
e) All docks must have lot number displayed on the lower right side of the dock, as viewed from the water. (rev 4/22), “and reflective signage would be most prudent”. All lakefront dwellings must have lot number clearly visible from the water. (delete because already covered in d.)
f) All new home Building Permits are required to obtain the 9-1-1 address for their property prior to the start of the build process. The 9-1-1 address “numbers” and Lot number(s) must be posted on the property & provided to the VVA Office. (rev 12/21). The 9-1-1 address can be obtained by calling the Daviess County 9-1-1 Office @ (660) 663-4252. (rev 4/22)
g) Failure to comply will result in an infraction ticket & appearance before the Infraction Committee.

Motion was made by Celeste Armanees to make these changes in the Handbook. Seconded by George Eshnauer; motion passed unanimously.

Last topic: The Nominating Committee for the Annual Meeting in March 2023 to elect new Board Members was discussed. Troy Lesan and George Eshnaur both stated they would be a member of the committee. Membership was asked for participants from the membership to also serve on the committee.

Troy Lesan moved to adjourn to Executive Session at 3:10pm … to discuss legal, personnel, and Board organizational matters. Seconded by George Eshnaur; motion passed.

Approx. 20+ members attended, too many to list here. A sign-in Attendance Sheet is on record at the Office for reference.
Let the record show that these minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and are a sampling of the discussions. Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in the minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members.
Respectfully submitted,
Celeste Armanees
Secretary, Board of Directors
Viking Valley Association