Kyle Parkhurst, President (2023), called the meeting to order at 4:00pm. Due to the number of people attending, the meeting location was changed to the Viking Valley Clubhouse, lower level.  Members in attendance were Jeffrey Speaker (2025), Harlan Horst (2023), and Heather Lund (2024).  Mark Closterman (2024) was unable to attend. Also in attendance were Roger Barker, Water Superintendent, Gary King, Operator, Diane Hulett, Clerk, Geoff Tavelli and Jim Rinner with Bartlett & West


Jeffrey Speaker moved to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2022 Board Meeting. Harlan Horst seconded.  All members were in favor; motion carried.


There was no public comment.


Geoff Tavelli and Jim Rinner gave a status report on the new water plant.  Finishing touches to the building are almost complete and HVAC work is still ongoing.  The raw/fresh water lines have been connected, a new utility pole with transformer has been set by Farmer’s Electric, the entrance apron was recently poured, and electrical work should start on 9/26.  Due to ongoing supply chain issues, and concerns by Bartlett & West that the electrical disconnect panel would not arrive on time, Jim Rinner bought and shipped a used panel to have on hand.  The plant startup date is now tentatively scheduled for the second week of November.

Roger gave an update on the Goose Ct water line addition.  The district is waiting for clarification to be made to the deed regarding an easement before proceeding.  VVA approved the installation of a fire hydrant on the south side of the water main to be completed at the same time as the line extension.  Decker Construction will bill VVA directly for the work related to the hydrant.

Bank signature cards were updated to reflect the recent change in director.


 Financial Report:

The financial reports and bills were reviewed and discussed. Harlan Horst moved to approve the August financial reports as submitted and approve the bills and transfers. Jeffrey Speaker seconded.  All members voted to approve; motion carried.

Propane bids were submitted for review.  Harlan Horst made a motion to accept the bid from Landes Propane followed by a second from Heather Lund.  All voted in favor; motion approved.

The bid for audit services was submitted.  A motion was made by Harlan Horst and seconded by Jeffrey Speaker to accept the bid from Kenney Hales, CPA, for the 2022 audit.  All members were in favor; motion carried.

A new uniform policy was discussed since the current contract with Cintas has been canceled as of January 2023.  More information will be presented at the next meeting.


Superintendent Report:

Roger reported that the leak discovered over Labor Day which resulted from a rock puncturing a 4″ water line was recently repaired.  He also informed the board that Travis Toney has completed his 90 day probationary period and both Travis and Gary passed their certification tests. Gary is now a B Operator and Travis is a D.  Both also have DSII classification with regard to the distribution system.

Kyle Parkhurst, President, announced the next meeting would be October 18, 2022 at the water plant.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Harlan Horst


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