Town Halls are a little different from other VVA Meetings. No resolutions voted on, no minutes taken; but usually plenty of information to share with members for the upcoming year. The Town Halls have occurred in February during the past few years, and this meeting, held on a particularly warm and sunny day on February 19 attracted around 100 VVA members.

Attendees were briefed on several topics. As usual Shawn Hepinstall started the meeting with an update on the ongoing dredging effort at Lake Viking. Shawn always gives a good presentation, complete great pictures, but this year the focus was a little different. The VVA will contract Dredge America out of Platte City, Mo. to do a full summer schedule of Dredging on the south end. This is a different direction for Lake Viking. We have always done our own dredging, but this time, we use the funds that were already present in our budget and contract Dredge America for a specified amount of cubic yards. A benefit of this arrangement is that VVA won’t have to pay an extra employee and will possibly avoid another one of those non budgeted, high-dollar breakdowns or emergency repairs that seem to occur so often. This arrangement with Dredge America is an experimental one.

Other speakers: Board Member Troy Lesan who went over financial documents and the financial outlook for 2023. Finance Committee Chair Paula Hepinstall answered budget line-item questions. Terry Nibarger reported on the Association’s investments, which now include a stock portfolio and funds earning 4% interest in a Money Market Account. Safety Director Jason McTheeney was also present to update members on the Safety staff and possibilities in the future direction in boat stickering.

The final speaker was Board Member George Eshnaur. George addressed the upcoming motion by the campground committee for a $300 per member assessment for campground electrical repairs. George acknowledged that if this motion doesn’t pass there will be other motions and he has expense breakdowns on several different funding possibilities. There were question and answer periods after each speaker with many questions on various topics posed by members. It was “Mission Accomplished” for the Town Hall. Next up – The Annual Meeting on March 5, 2 PM @ Winston High School.