Call to Order
Board Pres. Doug Winter, lot 46, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the Clubhouse, at 2:00pm. Board members present were: Allan Slavin, lot 62, Terry Nibarger, lot 657, Jeremy Lillig, Lot 3041, Tom Rice, Lot 343, Tony Gronniger, Lot 2281 and George Eshnaur Lot 505. Jeremy Lillig led in prayer. Jeff Ferguson, Managing Lake Director, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Doug Winter read the mission statement of Lake Viking.

Approval of Minutes
Allan Slavin made a motion to approve the April 2023 Meeting Minutes. Second by Tom Rice. The minutes were approved unanimously.


Handbook Committee
Tom Rice reported: Tom stated the committee has received recommendations from the Fishing Committee re changes to limits, size etc. He stated this will be addressed but they are not ready to present information at this meeting. A motion was made by Tom Rice to change the handbook to reflect the changes related to Condo. Jeremy discussed that it would be better to use generic verbiage for the company name vs. using the name Condo. Tom Rice explained why the Handbook Committee decided to use “Condo Control App” instead of generic verbiage. Motion was made to pass, A Second to the motion by Allan Slavin. The motion was passed unanimously.

Finance Committee
Terry Nibarger reported: Terry reported the Finance Committee met May 18, 2023 and was led by Paula Hepinstall. The April 2023 financials were reviewed. Expenditures of $5K and over will be depreciated and will not be expensed. Per Terry, this will help us on our taxes. Morgan Stanley account for April 23 was up $6274.00. The committee has reviewed years 2018 – 2022 and evaluating what items need to be brought forward. Terry reported we will continue to set back $60K per year for an emergency war chest fund. Committee reviewed Bad Debt write off and collection procedures. Paula Hepinstall has looked into the government program for Employee Retention which came into being with the COVID pandemic. VVA did not qualify for these funds. The sale of VVA lots has exceeded the budget for 2023. Revenue from the sale of four association lots is $18,660.00. The Finance Committee is/was in favor of selling lake lot 717, which was approved at the earlier special meeting. The list of amenities that are being considered from the revenue to be raised include the following: Play ground equipment with foam pad under to reduce possibility of injuries, Repair/replace shelter houses, Pickle Ball Court, Exercise equipment in the basement of the clubhouse, Snack Bar in the basement of clubhouse, Dog Park, Jetty to accommodate 11 boats for access to snack bar or activities. Fire hydrant for Goose Court, and adding an additional $15K to the septic system repair for the clubhouse. Finance Committee was also in favor of moving the annual meeting date from the first week in March to the first week of October. (This passed in earlier special meeting.) Terry reported Campground upgrade of the electrical system part one has been completed and part two is on hold at this time. Also discussed was the remodel/redo of the clubhouse basement to accommodate a snack bar. Terry reported Beach 1 & 2 upgrades have been completed. Also reported was Jeff is working to secure USDA grant funds for Lake projects. A question was received from the members. Will there be capital gains tax on the sale of lot 717? The answer was yes, there will be.
Strategic Planning Committee
George Eshnaur Lot 505 reported: Meeting will be held next week. Minutes will be published after the meeting. George Eshnaur made a motion to add the following people to the Strategic Planning Committee. New members to be added are Joe Steer, Michael Crump, David Thomas and Sue Wolf. Tony Gronniger seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Activities Committee
Jeremy Lillig Lot 3041 reported: The Activities Committee met May 16, 2023. Events upcoming include the Annual Poker Run will be held June 10, 2023 from 1:00pm to 4:00 pm. Shirts and VVA flags will be sold in conjunction with the poker run. Cost to sponsor is $125.00. Committee members will be working on making bags for the poker run participants. The stops on the Poker Run will be Marina, Beach 2, Beach 3 and Five Pines. Many more events are planned for the rest of the year.

Building Committee
Allan Slavin Lot 181 reported: In the past month, the committee has met four times. They reviewed 22 Building Permits. Building permits and fees were reviewed and reworked. The building specs portion of the existing handbook will be revised to state that construction must meet the Missouri Building standards and regulations. The committee recommended that detached garages be changed from 720 to 960 square feet. Permit for building house will remain at $2000 but if a sea wall is installed, there will be an additional fee. Paula Hepinstall asked if pole barn construction is still restricted. Yes, it is to MH lots and S lots. Tony Gronniger asked if building fees are non-refundable. The answer was yes unless the project is not approved. Building permit extensions will be processed at the pre COVID rules. Marvin McNabb spoke about prefab housing. Tom Rice read all the proposed changes to the handbook related to building permits and regulations. Allan Slavin made a motion to accept the changes. Tom Rice seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Fire Department
Tony Gronniger Lot 2281 reported: The Fire Department continues to meet monthly. Our inspection is in July 2023. This rating is important as it impacts our insurance rates. Bridgeman’s Wrecker service in Altamont, MO is holding a 50-year celebration of their business. The VVA Fire Department has been invited to this event.

Campground Committee
George Eshnaur reported: The committee met May 7, 2023. George Eshnaur reported there are 35 vacant camping spaces still available. The phase one electrical repair has been completed in Campground 1. Phase two is currently on hold. George Eshnaur reported handbook changes related to the campgrounds will be presented in the future. A question was asked about the status of the sewer repair for Campground 1. Jeff Ferguson reported on steps to be taken to complete compliance requirements.

Lake Committee
Tony Gronniger Lot 2281 reported: Roadside inspections have been completed. Community areas have also been checked. The committee noted there are some road signs missing as well as signs on the beaches. Tony reported that June 3, 2023 is the deadline for earlier letters from Safety Dept. to have both the lot number and address posted on improved properties. The committee will begin lakeside inspections in the near future. Fifteen (15) infractions have been issued and will be heard at the June 2023 Infraction Committee meeting. 350 watercraft have been stickered.

Infraction Committee
Jeremy Lillig Lot 3041 reported. Jeremy stated there was no report from the committee.

Dredge Committee
Doug Winter reported: Beach 1 & 2 Berms are looking great. Dredging began 5/12/2023. They are encountering rocks, etc. as is to be expected. The company is keeping the project on track. This work is being done on an hourly contract and it is important to not bother the workers as it will delay the project and increase costs. Dredge America is working 12 hour shifts seven days a week. This will include holidays. The project will take approximately 60 days to complete. Dredge America asks from VVA Members: 1. Please stay away from the dredge and the pipe. No Boating, Paddle Boating, Kayaking, Fishing, etc. in the area. 2. Dredge America will not be moving docks or dredging under docks. The equipment will stay approximately twenty (20) feet away from structures and docks.

Restaurant Committee
Robert Walton Lot 217 reported: Mr. Walton brought the membership up to date on the status of the Restaurant project. Mr. Walton discussed the suggestion of installing a restaurant/snack bar in the lower level of the Clubhouse. He feels there are cons of the restaurant being created in the basement. A survey was sent out to VVA Lot owners to gather member input regarding their interest in a restaurant at the lake and what their preferences are as far as type of food, cost, serving alcoholic beverages etc. Mr. Walton asked that the committee be allowed to send out another survey with more specific questions to determine the level of support VVA members are willing to give the restaurant if it is built. George Eshnaur indicated several members have stated they would dine at the restaurant, but they do not want to pay for the building of a restaurant.

Tech Committee
Jeff Ferguson, Lake Managing Director reported for Scott Fatheree Lot 3162: Midstates fiber will be working on the installation the week of May 30, 2023 to June 2, 2023. Jeff stated it should take about a year to complete the installation. Fiber will not be run on unimproved lots. Fiber will be run to each home at no cost if this is done during the time the main fiber lines are being installed. You are not obligated to subscribe to the service. Jeff stated that the fiber line will go to the dam and south around the lake. It will not cross the dam.

Managing Directors Report
Jeff Ferguson ( Managing Director) reported:
Condo Control
• now has 1100+ emails for registering and continues to grow daily.
• Payments via Condo will be available in June 2023.
• Pool was painted and will be opened May 25, 2023 for the season
• Beach 3 buildings have been painted
• Beach 2 Playground Equipment has been installed
• Wake Buoys will be installed this week. We will need two (2) more buoys
• 165th Street North and South Creeks have been cleaned out and rock has been put on North creek bank

Approval Of Financial Statements
Jeremy Lillig made a motion that the Financial Statements for April 2023 be approved as presented. Seconded by Terry Nibarger; motion passed unanimously.

Guest Time
Three guests were on the agenda for this meeting.
• Randy Tague, Battery Waterboards: Randy gave a presentation about the waterboards as the marina will be selling them and he wanted the VVA Board and members to know more about them. He discussed the safety elements, speed of the boards etc. The cost of these Waterboards is between $15K – $20K
• Frank Brasfield, Infraction dispute: Mr. Brasfield appealed the infraction. The board did not approve overturning the infraction or reducing the amount of the infraction charge.
• Vinzent Cooper III, Infractions dispute: Mr. Cooper appealed the two infractions he received for driving and not following a No Weapon allowed rule. The board did not approve overturning or reducing the amount of the infractions charge

Board Discussion
Allan Slavin made a presentation to the following lake members who worked on the Rehab of Beach 2. The members who completed this project were given a gift certificate for their volunteer time and effort. The members recognized were: Jim Miller, Eric Odette, Rex Williams, Don Leeper, and Robert Walton

Tony Gronniger moved to adjourn to Executive Session at 3:44 pm to discuss legal, personnel, and Board organizational matters. Allan Slavin seconded and the motion passed by all board members. Meeting was adjourned at 3:44 pm.

A sign-in Attendance Sheet is on record at the Office for reference. Let the record show that these minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and are a sampling of the discussions. Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in the minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members.

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