Call to Order
First Vice President Tony Gronniger Lot 2281, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the Clubhouse, at 2:00pm. Board members present were: Tom Rice, Lot 343, Tony Gronniger, Lot 2281, and Jeremy Lillig, Lot 3041 . Jeremy Lillig led in prayer. Jeff Ferguson, Lake Manager, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Tony Gronniger read the mission statement of Lake Viking.

Approval of Minutes
Minutes were not approved as a quorum was not present at the meeting. They will be presented for approval at the next regular board meeting in November 2023.

Handbook Committee
Tom Rice reported there is no report this month.

Finance Committee
Jeremy Lillig reported there is no Finance Committee report.

Strategic Planning Committee
No report for this month.

Activities Committee
Jeremy Lillig reported:
• Garage sales were held September 9, 2023
• Fishing tournament was also held September 9, with eight boats in the tournament.
• A crappie tournament will be held September 23, 2023
• The Fall Wine Festival & Beer and Brats event will be held September 30, 2023.

Building Committee
Marvin McNabb reported: In the past month, the committee has met two times. They reviewed 15 Building Permits. One of the permits was for a house.

Fire Department
Tony Gronniger reported:
• The Fire Department continues to meet monthly.
• Small tools and equipment have been ordered and received.
• We are continuing to schedule minor repairs with DANKO.
• The Department assisted with the inspection of fire extinguishers for VVA. All extinguishers passed the review.
• Another EMT Bag will be purchased for use by the Department.

Safety Department
No report this month

Campground Committee
Mary Hibler reported:
• There are 27 available lots for campers between the two campgrounds.
• The Campground committee will hold a poker run October 7, 2023 to raise money for the additional repairs and activities. More information will be posted soon.

Lake Committee
Tony Gronniger Lot 2281 reported:
The committee members have been out on the lake twice checking for compliance on earlier identified problems with sheds, and boat docks in disrepair, excessive brush on shoreline, weeds, shoreline erosion, insufficient riprap, brush piles that continue to remain on lots, unsightly lots, and missing lot numbers on docks. Members have been sent letters letting them know the identified problems and the timeframe for fixing the problem. If identified problems are not fixed, Infraction tickets will be issued to members.

Infraction Committee
Jeremy Lillig reported:
No report.

Dredge Committee
Jeff Ferguson reported: Dredge Committee met August 24, 2023.
1. Weir Projects
Jeff reported on how the Weirs worked during the recent flooding.
• Big South Creek: During the recent heavy rains and flooding, this weir held with minor rock movement. Maintenance will repair.
• Parkers Ditch (south of the silt ponds): This weir did not hold during the recent heavy rains and flooding. It is being redesigned and will be rebuilt. This watershed ditch handles 25% of our watershed acreage. The banks are steep and the volume is high. We believe the improved design will help capture more silt during normal events.
• Silt Pond 4: During the recent heavy rains and flooding, this weir held with minor rock movement.
• Watershed Map: A Lake Viking “Watershed Map” was reviewed. Fifty percent (50%) of our watershed acreage is in the south end of the lake. Add Garney, 3 Tubes and Pirate and this equals 84% of our watershed acreage. This is where the majority of our silt enters the lake and why so much time is spent there.

  1. Fall 2023
    Committee discussed and will finalize plans to recondition silt ponds in Three Tubes and Garney in preparation for dredging in April and May of 2024.

  2. Dredge Policy Update
    Reviewed and updated 2021 policy and will submit to the board.

  3. 2024 Dredging
    • Review 2024 Budget
    • Confirmed dredging areas for 2-24 are Pirate, 3 Tubes and Garney
    • Estimated CY to be removed is 25,000 Cubic Yards
    • Dredging Months will be April and May 2024
    • Reserve 360 Dredge and lock in Dredge America Rental Agreement for these months
    • Discussed pipe needed to move from cove to cove to dredge
    • Discussed hiring a Dredge Operator and the additional personnel needed
    Additionally, maintenance team will be cleaning and doing weir work in Deer Run and Community Areas 7, 8 and 9.

Fishing Committee
Brett Bush reported the Fishing Committee met August 25, 2023:
• Bass Fishing Tournament was held September 9, 2023 with 8 boats participating in the tournament. This event raised $755 which will be used for restocking the Lake.
• Brett indicated the committee may have a BBQ or a fish fry to raise additional funds for restocking.
• Brett reported that Gary Bush, Jim Powers and himself visited the Harrison Hatchery that we purchase fish for restocking from.
• Brett reported that putting grass carp in the lake is not feasible as Lake Viking is too large a lake for grass carp to be effective. Also grass carp are only effective on certain types of plants and will not eat straight moss. Chemicals would be needed to control moss build up.
• The Fall Crappie tournament will be held September 23, 2023.

Tech Committee
Jeff Ferguson Reported:
• Our current email will be migrated to one system. Emails that come into our current systems will be forwarded to the new system to avoid missing any emails during the transition.
• The Fiber Hut located on the North side of the Fire Department Building will be hot next week and the new service will be turned on north to the dam.
• Fiber should be on in the Safety Office, VVA Office and the Clubhouse by the end of September 2023

Managing Directors Report
Jeff Ferguson ( Managing Director) reported:
Condo Control
• Condo usage is growing and people have adapted to using the system. The usage percentage is 86%.
• Payments via Condo are available for member use. Payments may be made using a credit card or an ACH from a checking account. The fees on the credit cards average 3.25% of the balance paid depending on the credit card you use. The fee for using ACH is $2.00.
• We are no longer using the Cardpointe system to process credit card payments in the office.
• Repairs and clean up from the recent flooding continue. The next area addressed will be the yacht club as there are big sticks and debris under some of the docks.
• Jeff reported the dredge which was sold to Dredge America has been picked up and removed from the lake.
• The asphalt company will be doing patching where the road has been marked with yellow paint. This will begin around 9/20/2023.
• We will be doing 6.1 miles of chip seal on the VVA roads

Approval Of Financial Statements
Financial Statements were not approved as there was not a quorum of VVA Board members present. These will be reviewed and approved at the November 2023 regular meeting.

Guest Time
One guest was on the agenda for the September 2023 board meeting and that person has been moved to the next regular meeting in November 2023 as no action could be taken on the infraction appeal without a quorum of board members present at the meeting.

Board Discussion
• The Board discussed there will be two open seats on the Board for next year. Allan Slavin and Tony Gronniger will be rotating off the board should they choose not to run for another term. Interested parties were encouraged to submit the necessary paperwork if they wish to run for the Board. We have received paperwork from three persons interested in running for these board positions.
• It was also discussed that the President of the VVA Board gives the approval for lots to be sold by VVA. There is a new title requirement and this is being done to satisfy this requirement and avoid the president having to give approval every time a VVA owned lot is sold.
• Legal action for an owner with multiple lots was pushed to the November 2023 regular meeting.
• The VVA Annual Member Meeting will be held October 1, 2023 beginning at 2:00 pm at the Winston High School gymnasium.

Motion was made by Tom Rice and seconded by Jeremy Lillig to adjourn to Executive Session at 2:20 pm to discuss legal, personnel, and Board organizational matters.

A sign-in Attendance Sheet is on record at the Office for reference. Let the record show that these minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and are a sampling of the discussions. Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in the minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members.

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