Kyle Parkhurst, President (2026), called the meeting to order at 4:00pm which was held at the water plant. Members in attendance were Harlan Horst (2026), Mark Closterman (2024), Gary Buck (2024), and Mike Lammers (2025). Also in attendance were Zack Morrison, Water Superintendent, Gary King, Water Operator, Diane Hulett, Clerk, and visitor, Jeff Ferguson with Viking Valley Association.

Mark Closterman made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 19, 2023 Board Meeting. Harlan Horst seconded. All members were in favor; motion carried.

Jeff Ferguson addressed the board regarding a lien that the water district filed against lot 1864 which Viking Valley Association recently took back from the owners in lieu of back dues owed. Because VVA did not request an Ownership & Encumbrance report, the lien was not discovered until after the land transfer was completed. Mr. Ferguson inquired if the water district would release the deed if the association paid only the filing fees and not the full amount. The board informed Mr. Ferguson that the policy to release a lien applied equally to all businesses/individuals and an exception for Viking Valley Association would not be allowed.

Additional discussion was held with Jeff Ferguson about the $13,000 requested for asphalting nine spots on the lake roads as the result of water leak repairs. Since this amount was not included in the district’s 2023 Budget, a suggestion was made to add the expense for asphalt to the 2024 Budget and pay after the beginning of the year. Mr. Ferguson indicated that the asphalt company was to begin patching right away so the areas he designated should be paid by the water district would be skipped if payment was not made this year. No action was taken at this time.
The report from BigMan GeoPhysical has still not been received since the person responsible for interpreting the data has been dealing with an out-of-state emergency. Zack has been in contact with the company to make sure the district is not billed until the report is received and he has a chance to review the data.

Financial Report:
The financial reports and bills were reviewed and discussed. Harlan Horst moved to approve the September financial reports as submitted and approve the bills and transfers. Gary Buck seconded. All members voted to approve; motion carried.

Superintendent Report:
Zack informed the board that he and Diane will be attending the MRWA Fall Conference next week. He also noted that the DNR inspection results came back good with only one unsatisfactory finding for not having a B Operator in the Supt/Mgr position; however, with Zack recently passing his B Operator certification test, the issue has been corrected. Zack also shared with the board that a circulating pump and chlorine analyzer were recently purchased, and a quote was received from Carbon Central for $3220 to remove carbon from the four Granular Activated Carbon units. He also informed the board that the two quotes received to clean out the clearwell were from MidCo Diving for $4126, and Inland Potable Services for $3150. Zack reported that after running some tests, it was his recommendation to add a pre-oxidizer to the treatment process which would include the purchase of two pumps at approximately $2500-$3000 each, plus the purchase of permanganate to feed. A motion was made by Harlan Horst and seconded by Gary Buck to have Carbon Central remove the carbon from the GAC units at a cost of $3220. All members were in favor; motion carried. A motion was made by Mike Lammers and seconded by Mark Closterman to contract with Inland Potable Services to clean the clearwell at a cost of $3150. All members voted to approve; motion carried. Finally, a motion was made by Harlan Horst and seconded by Gary Buck for Zack to buy two feed pumps and permanganate at the best possible price to add as a pre-oxidizer to the plant. All members were in favor; motion carried.

Kyle Parkhurst, President, announced the next meeting would be November 21, 2023 at the water plant. The meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mark Closterman