Kyle Parkhurst, President (2026), called the meeting to order at 4:00pm which was held at the water plant.  Members in attendance were Harlan Horst (2026), Gary Buck (2024), Mike Lammers (2025), and Mark Closterman (2024). Also in attendance were Zack Morrison, Water Superintendent, Gary King, Water Operator, and Diane Hulett, Clerk.

Mike Lammers made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 21, 2023 Board Meeting.  Gary Buck seconded.  All members were in favor; motion carried.

There was no public comment.

The final budget for 2024 was submitted for approval.  The board discussed the need for a separate line item to track asphalt expense. Harlan Horst made a motion to approve the budget with this addition.  Mike Lammers seconded.  All voted in favor; motion approved.

Financial Report:
The financial reports and bills were reviewed and discussed. Harlan Horst moved to approve the November financial reports as submitted and approve the bills and transfers. Gary Buck seconded.  All members voted to approve; motion carried.
The bid for audit services was submitted.  A motion was made by Mark Closterman and seconded by Gary Buck to accept the bid from Kenney Hales, CPA, for the 2024 audit.  All members were in favor; motion carried.

Superintendent Report:
Zack reported on the status of adding the Granular Activated Carbon units back to the treatment process.  He indicated that Brian Hoellein with Bartlett & West had contacted the Department of Natural  Resources regarding approval but had not yet received a reply.  Zack noted that he is waiting on the pumps required to start feeding permanganate and also reported that DNR gave the district permission to add this chemical since it had been fed previously.  A pilot study will be done first then, once complete, the permanganate will become a permanent part of the treatment process.  Finally, Zack informed the board that locates for the fiber-optic company are still being done almost daily.

Kyle Parkhurst, President, announced the next meeting would be January 16, 2024 at the water plant.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mark Closterman