Call to Order
President Doug Winter, Lot 47, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the Clubhouse, at 2:00 pm.  Board members present were: Doug Winter, Lot 47, Tom Rice, Lot 343, Robert Walton, Lot 217, George Eshnaur, Lot 505, Jeremy Lillig, Lot 3041, Michelle Sullivan, Lot 1826 and Terry Nibarger, Lot 657.   Terry Nibarger led in prayer.  Jeff Ferguson, Lake Manager, led the Pledge of Allegiance.   Doug Winter read the mission statement of Lake Viking.
Approval of Minutes
Minutes were approved from the January 2024 meeting.  A motion was made by Tom Rice and was seconded by Michelle Sullivan.  The minutes for January 2024 were approved unanimously.
Handbook Committee
Tom Rice reported the committee is compiling changes made during the last year for inclusion in the new handbook.  Michelle Sullivan will be the liaison for the Handbook Committee going forward.
Finance Committee
• Michelle Sullivan reported that the committee met on February 9, 2024.
• Michelle reported goals were to enhance communication regarding VVA Financial information and to improve documentation in Quickbooks.
• Investments were up in January 2024 with 9% growth for the month.
• There will be a procedural change going forward.  Financial documents will be provided before the Board Meeting.
• 2023 FY Audit  – The UHY audit of 2023 is underway but is taking longer than expected.
• Sale of Lake Owned Lots – This is going well.  Michelle reported $60,000 in lot sales to date.
• Sale of Lot 717 – There is a pending sale on this lot for $230,000.  Closing should take place in April 2024 if things go as expected.
• The Finance Committee is looking into a 401K as an investment opportunity for VVA employees.
• The Finance Committee is also exploring a settlement suit against MC/Visa where we may be able to recover some of the settlement.
• Special use “SU” 13 lots have been re-platted as SU lots, allowing for certain types of storage structures to be built with the approval of the BOD and Building Committee.  These lots will be priced at $35,000 and will be offered to current members first.  Any remaining lots will be sold to the general public after the member-only period has closed.
Strategic Planning Committee
No report per George Eshnaur.
Activities Committee
No report per Jeremy Lillig.
Building Committee
• Report by Robert Walton.  The number of permits approved in the last month was 4.  None of these were houses.
• Discussion ensued regarding the classification of lots to SU Lots with structures allowed to be the same as on S Lots.  It was stated that 13 lake-owned lots would be classified as SU Lots.
 Robert Walton made a motion that the Lake owned lots 2504-2513, 2516, 2519, and 2520 be reclassified to SU Lots.  The motion was seconded by Terry Nibarger.  The motion carried unanimously.
Questions fielded before the vote included
1. Janet VanWye voiced concern that the reclassification of these lots will cause property values to decrease.
2. Jeff Speed voiced concern that property values may be affected by the reclassification.
3. Allysa Mahler voiced concern as she would be directly impacted by lot 2516 being reclassified as her house has a view of that lot and if a storage building etc. were built there it would lessen the view and possibly value of her lot.
Fire Department
No report this month.
 Safety Department
No report this month
 Campground Committee
No report this month
Lake Committee
Robert Walton reported:
• The Lake Committee has been active this past month with lake inspections.  Action was taken on four (4) properties that do not comply with the VVA handbook guidelines.  Property owners were given time to respond and make corrections to their properties to bring them into compliance.  If corrections are not made, the Lake Committee will then proceed to more aggressive action to rectify the situation.  The committee will give updates on these four properties at future board meetings.
Infraction Committee
Terry Nibarger reported:
• The next scheduled meeting of the Infraction Committee will be April 27, 2024.
• A Zoom meeting was held on February 15, 2024.
• Members of the committee have changed verbiage regarding appeals of infractions.
• The change will be as follows:  Members who fail to appear at and present their case to the infraction committee forfeit their right to appeal the infraction committee’s decision.  The only thing that may be appealed, is the amount to the Board of Directors if the member fails to appear before the infraction committee.  The Board of Directors will not consider guilt or innocence of the violation. Safety will present the same facts of the case to the Board of Directors that the infraction committee considered and there cannot be a dispute of the facts.  No fine can be reduced lower than the standard minimum fine the infraction committee normally imposes, and the Board of Directors may increase the fine up to the maximum allowed by the rule.
• Terry Nibarger motioned the revised verbiage to the Infraction Committee policies and procedures.  The motion was seconded by Robert Walton.   The motion passed unanimously.
Dredge Committee 
Doug Winter reported:
The dredge will begin working in late March/early April
Fishing Committee
Tom Rice reported:  No report
Tech Committee
Jeff Ferguson reported:  No report
Beautification Exploratory Committee
Felicia Roth reported on the progress made by the Committee.  Their goal is to:   1. refresh and improve the Lake’s appearance, 2.  Fundraising through donations to enable projects to be completed without raising member dues, 3.  Improve appearance at Lake Entrances, the VVA office, and the Safety Office, and refresh signs for more eye appeal.  The Committee was renamed the Beautification and Donations Exploratory Committee.
  Priority Projects include:
1. Entrance signs created and shown.  More examples to come.
2. Safety & Fire buildings measured.  Fire Department building paint has also degraded.  Painting both structures is suggested.  Create drawings of structures with improvements soon. Complete the list of materials needed for these projects and submit it to the membership soon.
3. Spring Fest fundraiser Saturday, April 27th, released an announcement to members.  Submitted participant application for release, and delivered printed applications and announcements to the office. Print more as needed.  Send applications to those interested in participating.  Finalize Spring Fest banner, sign, and T-shirt design.
4. Create zones for seasonal and fund-raising banners or signs.
5. Invite members to submit for consideration nature and/or lake photos, drawings, or paintings for fundraising merchandise.  Possibly include items at the Spring Fest.
6. Research the development of a not-for-profit fundraising website with direct print and ship-on-demand features.
7. Send out committee participation and volunteer request forms for Spring Fest.
8. Suggestion:  Create a volunteer announcement covering the need for people and businesses to help with sanding, painting, construction, gardening, etc. to cover the upcoming projects at the Fire and Safety Building, signs, entrances and clubhouse grounds.
Managing Directors Report
 Jeff Ferguson,  Managing Director, reported:
• Jeff reported the independent audit is continuing.
• Maintenance plowed snow several times during the last month.
• Maintenance is done on the pontoon; snowplow equipment/one snow truck required a new transmission.
• Continue working on silt ponds in preparation for spring dredging.
• Tree trimming continues.
• Repaired heat in the clubhouse.  The lower-level unit was replaced and the upper-level unit was repaired.
Approval of Financial Statements
Terry Nibarger made a motion to approve the Financial Statements for November 2023.  Jeremy Lillig seconded the motion.   The motion passed unanimously.
Guest Time
One guest was on the agenda for the February 2024 board meeting.
Vinzent Cooper Lot 1095    HOA Concerns
Vinzent stated he has requested to be allowed to have access to the VVA Facebook page but has not been given this permission.
Vinzent requested VVA begin video recording the VVA Board meetings and make these recordings available to members who are not able to attend the meetings.
Vinzent indicated he has requested the past 5 years of Financial Statements from the Lake Manager but has not received them.  He stated he has a friend who is an auditor who will audit these.  This request was not approved by the BOD as the HOA has an independent auditor doing an audit now on the financials of VVA.
Vinzent stated that the HOA is his target and he would like to see improvement in the operation of the HOA.
Concerning the Jetty project, Vinzent stated the board is not a governing body.
Vinzent also voiced opposition to the sold lot designations.
Board Discussion
• Board Role changes
Michelle Sullivan will move to the Secretary position and as Board Contact to the Handbook Committee.  Jeremy Lillig will move to the treasurer position and will serve as Board Contact for the Finance Committee.
• SU (special usage) lots were discussed earlier and are documented under the Building Committee section.
A motion was made by George Eshnaur and seconded by Terry Nibarger to adjourn to Executive Session at 3:50 pm to discuss legal, personnel, and Board organizational matters.   The motion passed unanimously.
 A sign-in Attendance Sheet is on record at the Office for reference.  Let the record show that these minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and are a sampling of the discussions.  Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in the minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members.